Am I right or wrong? Child endangerment!!!!?

My brother in law and my sister (lets call them Bre and Ken) are EXTREMELY addicted to pain pills. They get methadone, legally, but they take way more then the reccomended dose and Ken keeps them at all times, even though they are Bre's Meds!! He sells, trades, and gives them away! (they both go through heroin-like withdrawls without their meds) They both are also heavy weed smokers, which im not against, they just put weed before anything, including food for their two children (one 3 year old and one 6 year old *girls*)..... They recently started buying Extacy to substitute for when they have pain pill shortages, which is A LOT! And they have also been drinking to substitute for it too!! So they are now alchoholics, big time. They have 5 teenage boys living in their house and a teenage girl, so that means parties all the time.

And the sex has gotten out of control. Ken will have sex with guys and girls, including Bre, having orgies.. like 10 people having sex while messed up. Ken recently tried to kill himself while on alcohol. And he hit Bre.. And uses his Druggy Excuses like he it will never happen again because he took Anabuse (which only lasts 72 hours)

Triple C's are also very popular at that house. The teenagers are mostly the ones who do it, but when its a last resort, ken and Bre do them too. Its COLD MEDICINE!!

I think its so sad that their kids are actuallly used to seeing their daddy kissing other guys, fighting, their dad almost killing himself, not knowing what their parents are like off drugs, watching them die slowly...

They often talk about how mommy and daddy need their medicine so they wont get sick and mad. Watching their parents fall asleep with cigarettes in their hands and not being able to wake them up...

Im so scared, and i want to make an anonymous call to someone who will go over there and take them to rehab or have them court ordered to it!!

im scared about their safety and my neice's


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    oh WOW! you are totally doing the right thing by calling child protective services!! Screw what your mom is saying- she must have some serious issues too, if she's alright with this happening to innocent children. your sister and so-called husband are seriously out of control... they should NOT have custody of any minors at this point in their lives.

    You are doing the right thing dear! Don't know if you're in highschool, but if you are i'd start with talking to a guidance counselor about this calamity- they will be able to be pretty pro-active about this...

    Hate to say this, but your sis and her husband are in WAYYY over their heads... they will NOT rehabilitate themselves... they are seriously going to have to be locked up to ever become straight i think.

    look, i've done drugs in the past but this is ridiculous!! Help the kids in this household GET OUT!

    don't listen to your mom on this one... she's wrong.

    hope things work out for your family.

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    You can sue the school board and the teacher if your child was supposed to be in school and was taken to the demonstration without your permission, but not the union. They have no legal responsibilities for the activities of your child. If her school was not open, the responsibility for your child's activities is yours so you can not sue anybody. Protecting unsupervised children is not a sufficient reason to violate the first amendment which says "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances". If it were no one could have a protest demonstration.

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    You can call child services anonymously, and I recommend calling immediately, because this is a severe case of abuse, neglect, and endangerment!!! Please think of the children and remember that if you don't call, who will?? You would never forgive yourself if something bad happened to injure or kill those innocent kids, so call now today and insist on an investigation, keep calling if you have to!! Good luck.

  • Joe S
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    My friend if all you say is true contact mental health and child protective services. These folk are out of control, and have no idea as to the damage they are doing to themselves and their kids. Forget your mom and do the next right thing!

    Source(s): Recovering addict through the grace of God
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