Lexus RX350 or Ford Edge for a midsize, family SUV?

My mum is getting a new car and she has test drove both, and has decided that my dad and I have to pick. There is me, my mum, my dad, and my brother (who is graduating next year), then a chihuahua who I swear is secretly a Chimera, and a Labrador. She is humungo. We looked the two up on like or something. Google Lexus RX350 (or Ford Edge) review on google and click the first or second link. The Lexus clearly has more gadgets and is a nicer, higher class car. But, I get carsick - not horrible, I just feel sick I don't actually GET sick. So air in the back (for when I sit in the back) helps, and the Lexus has way better backseat air than the Ford, but my mum's current car is a Ford and has held up well, and my mum will do anything for a car made in the US. Anyways, give your input please, and any other suggestions. But we have ruled out ay Toyotas and Acuras because of the new front-look of the cars which is just hidious.


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    If the RX350 seems to have more "gadgets", you're not comparing it to the 2011 Ford Edge which, equipped with Ford's new MyFord Touch digital touchscreen interface, adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance, blind spot information system, SYNC multimedia voice control, and scads of other features that place it clearly ahead of the RX350. The 2011 Edge also features more powerful and economical engines and the first 4-cylinder implementation of Ford's EcoBoost engine technology.

    The biggest problem the RX350 faces is eroding resale values in the wake of Toyota's recent quality and safety problems now that the public has had to face the reality that Toyota vehicles aren't actually made of myrrh and quicksilver and personally inspired by God. To the contrary, Ford's quality and reliability have never been higher and compare favorably to most Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

    If you want to up the ante a bit in terms of refinement and creature comfort, the Lincoln MKX has also been redesigned for 2011 and will be based upon the same technological improvements while also adding more refined ride characteristics, NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) management, and other Lincoln-specific features like a THX II sound system that make it a very refined place to be indeed.

    Most Toyota and Lexus owners are now discovering their beloved products in entirely new lights now that they're actually comparing them to what's available from competitors. And in many cases, the best aspects of their Lexuses and Toyotas has been their perception. Toyota and Lexus vehicles have been enduring terrible resale value beatings recently at the same time that Ford/Lincoln/Mercury resale values are climbing to all-time highs. Many dealers are giving less than 90% of what they were for Toyota/Lexus vehicles 2 months ago, and some have even stopped accepting them in trade altogether until they have a better idea of how bad Toyota's problems actually are.

    Best of luck. I hope this helps.

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    we've a 4Runner,it fairly is lifted and that i like it!no longer that i'm getting tochronic it,yet i admire being out interior the woods w/ the suitable off,playing interior the dirt getting grimy!!A Lexus could be valuable,yet i could fairly something to get down and grimy w/!!

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    Never really thought about this

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    Yes it might be true

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    I doubt this is feasible

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