To Home School or Not to Home School that is my question..?

I have 4 kids and currently 3 of them are in school. How ever I find myself disappointed in the public school system. My oldest is genus level and yet she cannot be advanced so she is actually learning, my second oldest is doing poorly in reading no matter what her teacher and I discuss, as for my youngest in school he is advancing past his class. At the same time I don't want to get over whelmed myself because that can make learning hard for them if I am constantly frustrated. Has any one home schooled multiple kids at different levels? How do I choose what curriculum to follow? Has any one else had personal experiences with home/online school for k-12? I have been bombarded with web sights, information sights, online schools, at home teachers, AAAHHHH!!!!!! what does it take so that my kids can be reaching their full potential and getting everything they need? If any one has advice, experience, information to share, anything will help. Also I noticed that their are "free" online classes, are they really free?

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    Try the connection academy that's a good free program and there is teachers online they send you everything!pre K to 12th grade or American school but this one is costly but a good program. I prefer homeschooling rather then public school its too much hassle there dealing with the school system

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    try another school district...i think i would before i did home is just sooooooo hard to keep up with everything...

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    let them choose what they wanna do. its their high school life

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