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Should I go see a doctor for bleeding after sex?

I have been bleeding after sex for the last week or so. My period is not regular (never has been) but I have been spotting all the time. I have had problems in the past with cervical displasia and ovarian cysts and plenty of other things (sadly).

Question is should I go to the dr now, or wait? I have an appointment (yearly) in two weeks?

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    Unless if you are having pain with this bleeding I would say it's o.k. to wait two weeks but you can put a call into the nurse and let her know about this in case she wants to bring you in sooner. She can check with the doctor. It's happened to me and it turned out to be coming from my cervix. Good luck. Oh and don't worry about going during your period. You can still get a pelvic exam but the pap smear may need to be done at another time. As far as the physical it's best to get it done then and if they want you to come back when you're not having your period then it will be a much shorter visit.

    Source(s): Mom of 3, Hysterectomy at 29, Paramedic
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    Hi i can tell you are worried by the way you have asked the question my advice would be to go and see your doctor straight away just to give you peace of mind. i wish you all the best and hope you get better soon

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    pass see a doctor-could have ruptured a vein and it fairly is available to slowly bleed to death each and each time your physique does something its no longer meant to do the neatest and the main secure element is to have a doctor look into it- pass to Emergency for you do no longer desire to pass to sleep and the rupture worsen and you no longer comprehend it. this is no longer something yet extra valuable secure than sorry.

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