How well known are you in baby name?+Rate and comment on my favorite baby names?


Emmett Landen

Benjamin James

Bennett Charlie

Noah Cohen


Noelle Elizabeth

Alice Brielle

Kassidy Rose

Addison Makenna


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  • Banana
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    10 years ago
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    i am ok i just don't have any fav names


    Emmett Landen 9/10

    Benjamin James 8/10

    Bennett Charlie 8/10

    Noah Cohen 9/10


    Noelle Elizabeth 10/10

    Alice Brielle 9/10

    Kassidy Rose 8/10

    Addison Makenna 10/10

    make me besty :)

  • Emmett Landen- 7/10! Emmett is gorgeous! I find it to be such a handsome name. Landen is alright. I'm undecided about whether I like it or not.

    Benjamin James 10/10! Absolutely fantastic! This is a superb combination. I love it!

    Bennett Charlie 7/10! If it were Bennett Charles it would get 10/10! I'm not a huge fan of nicknames as names in their own right. Bennett is lovely. I have it in my 4th favourite combination Joshua Bennett.

    Noah Cohen 8/10! Quite nice! Flows nicely!


    Noelle Elizabeth 10/10! Very beautiful! Such grace and elegance. I really like it. Noelle is lovely in the first name slot too. I mostly see it in the middle.

    Alice Brielle 7/10! Cute! I like Alice a lot. I'm not exactly partial to Brielle but this combination flows nicely.

    Kassidy Rose 6/10! Cassidy Rose would get 7/10!

    Addison Makenna 3/10! I don't like either name. Sorry.

    My favourites are Noelle Elizabeth & Benjamin James!


  • 4 years ago

    Alice Elizabeth -- 9/10. Very, very pretty. Kassidy Rose -- 5/10. Cassidy's bad enough -- to me it's a male name. But Cassidy with a K? Yuck. Juliet Esme -- 8/10. I love Juliet, but I'm not big on Esme. Isabella Lily -- 5/10. While I like the name Isabella, and Lily's very pretty, there are too many L sounds in this combo. Emmett Landon -- 6/10. Not great, not awful. Bennett Charlie -- 8/10. Very nice. Rylan James -- 5/10. I much prefer Ryan. Kellan Onyx -- 3/10. A little too weird.

  • 10 years ago


    Emmett Landen~ 6/10

    Benjamin James 9/10

    Bennett Charlie 5/10

    Noah Cohen 9/10


    Noelle Elizabeth 8/10

    Alice Brielle 10/10

    Kassidy Rose 9/10

    Addison Makenna 3/10

    I used to be Livi Lu.

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  • Pixie.
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    10 years ago

    I like Noah Cohen for a boy, and I also think the name Charlie is super cute.

    For a girl, I like the name Kassidy Rose although I'd prefer it if Kassidy was spelt Cassidy - I think the name looks so much more feminine and delicate when it's spelt with a C. I also really love the name Alice - it's such a pretty classic and timeless name - and I like Makenna - the name has a really cute, tomboyish sound to it.


  • I love Emmett Landon, i like the other 2 but i don't like Bennett Charlie

    I love Noelle, Alice and Kassidy Rose but i dont' like the other names sorry

  • 10 years ago

    Emmett Landen -- 6.5/10 Emmett has been growing on me a lot lately, but I still just can't help but think of twilight when I hear it, sorry. But I can definitely see the appeal. I think if it weren't for twilight, this name would already be on my favorites list.. I'm not really keen on Landen. Would have gotten a higher rate if it was spelled correctly; Landon. I think with Landen, theres too many E's in the combo.. plus I'm just generally not a fan of misspelled names. sorry. but overall it flows well and is a nice, strong name that will age nicely. So I like it :)

    Benjamin James -- 3/10 Benjamin is alright, it used to be one of my favorites, but lately it has just appealed to me less than it used to. It is a handsome name, but I really prefer it as a middle name because I dislike that it gets shortened to Ben as a nickname, and also its just a bit boring for me as a middle. James is also a name that is a bit too 'boring' for my personal taste, and I personally would never use it because it has become so popular. But its still an okay combo.. just doesn't stand out to me.

    Bennett Charlie -- 1/10 I strongly dislike Bennett. Like the comment I made above, I dislike that it will get shortened to Ben, and also this name just does not appeal to me, never has.. and when I hear this name, I think of an oldd man, and same with Charlie.. again, kinda an old/boring combo for my personal taste.

    Noah Cohen -- 1/10 Noah is too trendy/popular for me. I actually used to love this name, but now I dislike it. Once again, too trendy, and I don't think it will age well.. at all. Also, some of my dislike for the name is because of associations I have with the name Noah. I just think Cohen is a terrible name.. can't see the appeal to it at all. sorry.

    Noelle Elizabeth -- 3/10 I can see the appeal to both these names, the thing is, I guess they just aren't my taste. I love that Noelle is a biblical name, but I just can't bring myself to liking this certain name. *Again, sorry* Elizabeth is too boring for myself. I prefer more unique names. The flow isn't bad, but I definitely think it could be better.

    Alice Brielle -- 4/10 I can see the appeal of both the names, and I do think Alice would age nicely, etc. however I just cannot bring myself to liking the name Alice, because I have terrible associations. Any Bri- names I've never personally liked.... but these two names compliment each other well, nice combo.

    Kassidy Rose -- 4/10 I adore the name Cassidy for a girl, its a beautiful, feminine name that I think will age well and I absolutely love the nickname Cassie. But I feel that the misspelling of the name just takes away from it so much. I also have bad associations with Rose, and it is way too common for me. The combo does flow nicely though.

    Addison Makenna -- 1/10 Overall, just way too popular/trendy for me. I don't like it.

    -- ilfh. :)

  • Boys:

    Emmett Landen- 6/10 doesnt flow well

    Benjamin James 10/10

    Bennett Charlie 5/10 love Bennett but it doesnt work with Charlie

    Noah Cohen 7/10 love both names but their sounds are too similar


    Noelle Elizabeth 9/10

    Alice Brielle 8/10 like both but they dont work together

    Kassidy Rose 6/10 not a fan of kassidy

    Addison Makenna1/10 sorry I dont like either name

    I just changed my avatar so hopefully people recognize my name.

  • 10 years ago

    Emmett Landen: 7/10 I like Emmett not Landen but it flows

    Benjamin James: 6/10 for some reason i dont like the name Benjamin but love James and its a nice combo

    Bennett Charlie: 8/10 I really like Bennett which is weird because i dont like Benjamin... but i like Bennett anyway the only thing i think is wrong with the pair is that i dont see Charlie as a full name or a good middle name but whatever is flows...

    Noah Cohen: 9/10 the repeated H is a little odd sounding but i really love the names together and I love love love Noah!

    Noelle Elizabeth: 6/10, i don't like Noelle but Love Elizabeth and they sound good

    Alice Brielle: 8/10 I love this combo even though Brielle isnt my favorite name... but i like it is normal but different

    Kassidy Rose : 7/10 Very pretty combo but Kassidy looks kind of odd spelled that way i think a C would make it better... and even though Rose is a common middle name it is still a great name set

    Addison Makenna: 9/10 I can feel u r going to have a lot of negativity on this one from other people both are very popular trendy names... but i love it... i dont like Makenna too much but it sounds good with Addison and i love Addison especially because you can use the nickname Addie which is cute.

  • 10 years ago

    I like Emmett Landen, Benjamin James, and Noelle Elizabeth

  • I really love Benjamin James, Emmett Landon, Noah Cohen, and Alice Brielle.


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