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Tennis Team Tryouts?................?

I've been playing since I was 5.

Any tips on when I try out for middle school tennis team!?


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    You've been playing since you were 5, so there's no point in me telling you how to play or how to improve your game. But, because you may be younger than the others, they'll look at you and think you're nothing. Try to keep yourself in the game mentally. It may not seem like much, but it is very important.

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    practice hitting all your strokes with a ball machine or a hitting partner. Also, play practice matches with players around the same level so you have an idea what the competition will be like come "showtime". During tennis tryouts, you either have to hit balls fed by the coach or play matches against other kids. Chances are, if there are more kids than spots available on the team that are the same level as you then you will be competing with them for playing time. If you are not already doing so, play some local tennis tournaments. Not only will you get match experience for the high school season but you will show the coach that you are working hard to improve your game. The coach might put you in the match over someone else because you have more match experience and a higher ranking. Have fun and good luck!!!

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    I just tried out for my tennis team, and I ended up making it. Here are some tips - Get to know the coach. The team's coach worked at the place where I play tennis, and I scheduled a lesson with her. I think it REALLY helped that she knew my abilities before tryouts. Get a good nights sleep and have a snack before, or else you'll be tired and cranky. Warm up a little before trying out to work out all your nerves. Relax, and try to act as confident as possible. Try to get the coach to notice you.

    Hope this helps :)

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    I've known people who play nationals get cut because they cheat points when they are losing. If you truly don't know the score, don't make a random one up. Just be honest and tell your opponent(s) the truth. However, if you do that too often you might get cut.

    Ask people who were on the team last year, what the coach likes. For example, my coach loves aggressive players, and I am a pusher. I need to make sure to be a little more aggressive during my try-outs.

    Other than that, get a good nights sleep, don't worry too much, be confident, and eat a good breakfast.

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    I bet your a solid player. Just play your heart out and show the coach that you try. But it is only middle school so don't get too disappointed if you end up not making the team.

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    Show your experience, hustle, try your hardest on everything, even if its just bouncing the ball on your racket. (just did that for High school tryouts lol). AND LISTEN to what the coach tells you. Stay focused as well, and, if its possible, try to be somewhat of a leader without coming off as a showoff.

    (maybe give some of the worse players some helpful advice)

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    Get a good nights sleep and eat very healthy. It will keep your mind and body fresh. That is huge

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    Have a positive attitude and good luck

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