I'm Jiji and i'm suspended...xD (Please i want lots of answers)...?

Well, my R&P friends can tell me the worst words...I was careless and i trolled...But i had noticed that some other guys were trolling for weeks without suspension of their account...Anyway, for some more details, check my profile...I don't want you to change your opinion about Jiji...OK i made a stupid false, but i don't htink it's too serious...Maybe i lost a good amount of points (i was just one step before level 4), but i can think i can become again the power i was becoming...I promise you i will remain the same tough i was as Jiji and also the same cool guy...

I'll make my name "DuraceLL" (without any followings) when i'll get some Y!A fame with this name...

MQ:What System Of A Down song do you think is the "thrashest" one???

BQ:Match Mezmerize-Hypnotize songs...e.g."Sad Statue was for Mezmerize what Attack was for Hypnotize...Holy Mountains was for Hypnotize what Question was for Mezmerize...YOU GAUGHT IT???

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    MA: Don't listen to much SOAD, though they are OK.

    BA: Dunno.

    But, ok.

  • 1 decade ago

    The SOD I listen to is 'Stormtroopers of Death' - they are thrash!

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