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What are some good programs (free) for my computer. just useful or cool technology i would want to add.?

i already have like safari and some other little things.

just anything u think would be cool

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    Spybot Search and Destroy - Adware / Spyware removal

    SmitFraudFix - Advanced tool for spyware/adware/virus removal

    Adaware SE - Spyware / Adware removal tool

    Firefox - Greatest web browser on Earth

    Google Chrome - Fastest Webbrowser on Earth

    Visual Boy Advanced - Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced emulator for the computer

    Notepad++ - Editor for everything code or not code

    Open Office - An Alternative to Microsoft Office

    Wireshark - TCP/IP tool for computer admins and paranoid schizophrenics

    Pidgin - Instant messenger of all types

    Visual C++ Express - Integrate Development Environment for C++ programmers


    And virtually anything you can find on

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    Right, where to start :) I assume you run Windows OS.

    1. Gimp for photo editing

    2. instead of MS Office (I actually prefer it)

    3. Auslogics Disk Defrag - a really cool defrag utility

    4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

    5. CCleaner to get rid of junk files

    6. Recuva to recover your files

    7. Avira Personal - a great free antivirus

    8. SuperAntiSpyware

    9. Audacity (if you're into sound editing)

    10. FileInspect Sidebar Gadget to monitor system resources

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    Cool programs?

    Well you never want to just 'add software' to your PC. Most definitely if your wanting 'cool' software.

    There are tons of software and applications for Online Interaction.

    I ALWAYS have these programs on my PC's.

    Firefox (Latest Release Candidate)

    Avast 5 (Premium Version, it's a virus protection program)

    Comodo (Premium, it's a firewall program)

    Adobe Bundle (Paid Latest Candidates, I do web design)

    Trillian (Paid Latest Candidate, combines all messengers into 1)

    I have a few others, but I don't OVERLOAD my pc at all. It can be very risky and harmful to your PC doing that.

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    Browser: Firefox (It have lots of good plugins.. U couldn't live without it if u start using)

    Antivirus: Avira Antivir Personal Edition

    Music Player: Foobar2000

    Video Player: VLC

    Instant Messenger: Digsby

    Spyware Removal: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Archiver/Extractor: IZArc

    Office: OpenOffice (If u don't have MS Office)

    Photo: Irfanview

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    Hey ciao,

    Se stai cercando Pidgin puoi scaricarlo gratis da qua:

    Un caro saluto

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    Well, I have a list of Windows utilities here, but no games...

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