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What can 13 year old do to start preparing for college?

Hey, I'm really excited for college!!! (I know it's kinds weird, but I am!)

I really want to get into a good college, so what can I start doing to prepare? I'm in 8th grade.

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    start thinking about what you are good at. Research what careers/jobs you might have interest in...

    look at what high school will be a good match.. stay away from schools that brag about how bad the students are..or how much the students can get away with at the schools..look for schools that will be a fun fit.. schools that have great teachers with humane teaching skills, graduate certs not just acp certs, look to see where their field trips go, what kind of mentoring services they provide, what kind of accessible tutorials to help you, look at the grad rate, and look to see who their grads are...(my mother's high school in McAllen, Texas turned out many scandal free politicians that actually did great in Houston, Texas as representatives and senators after serving for military and/or Universities...

    see if these high schools have work programs or intern programs so you can geta feel for different career/exploration in jobs..

    Look and see what kind of enrichment fun organizations and activities the schools have..

    check their online report cards for complaints..from other students..

    check and see what great college the students generally wind up at.. are they approved for four year colleges and two years or do these kids all wind up in fly by night academy schools trying to get their high school diplomas later..

    Good thinking kid.. and good luck!

    Source(s): Having a plan is great..wish my parents had accessibility to options like the ones imentioned.. school zoning kills/ delays bright futures. source- art teacher!
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    Study hard, get good grades and do extra curricular activities. Community service is really looked highly on too. Get involved with different organizations, learn how to be a leader so when you get old enough you can be. Read extra books, expand your horizons, try new foods/cultures, learn a new language besides the one you have to in school. The more EXTRAS you fit in, the more you'll stand out to a college.

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    Realize that your grades as a freshman are going to count when applying to colleges.

    you will need to of taken in HS by the time you graduate

    4 yrs of english

    3 yrs of math-algebra 1,2 and geometry

    3 yrs of science with 2 of labs- bio/chem

    2/3 yrs of the same foreign language

    2 yrs of history-US and World

    It will serve you well to take calculus, physics and a speech class. Taken honor and AP level classes and keep you GPA UP! Being able to write well and quickly will really help with all college classes. You will be writing papers every week.

    go to your library or book store and get the magazine Newsweek How To Get Into College 2010 (one comes out for each yr) and read it.

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    Right now, you should study very hard and do as well as you possibly can in your classes.

    You might also start identifying some non-academic areas of interest on which you can focus. Sports, music, theater, volunteer activities, clubs you might like to join, and so forth. You don't want to do too much in high school -- your grades might suffer -- and sometimes one area in which you're a real standout is better than several in which you merely participate.

    Good luck.

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    The best way is to do your work on a daily basis, have excellent attendance and no lateness, take difficult and honor classes, study for your tests, have well organized notebooks, participate in class and ask for help from your teachers if you are having any difficulty./

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    Grow up by about 5 or 6 years

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    get good grades and get into NHS.

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