kristian digby, what did he do?

kristian digby, what did he do and what actually happened to him ?

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    He was an English television presenter and director who is best known for presenting To Buy or Not to Buy on BBC One. It was announced on 1 March 2010 that he had been found dead under what police said were 'unexplained circumstances'.

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    he was a succesful tv presenter. he died because something went wrong during auto-erotic asphyxiation. apparently he was alone and put a plastic bag over his head and tied his belt very tight around his neck.

    auto-erotic asphyxiation is what people do to become mega aroused, suffocation stops oxygen from circulating in the brain and apparently gives great pleasure whilst masturbating, its said to give the same effects as cocaine and it can be as addictive, it is however very dangerous because lack of oxygen can cause you to become unconscious and if this happens you cannot release yourself so then you die.

    Kristian and the likes of him would not have known a thing, if there is a place where you go after death Kristian will probably be saying "what have i done, all that money and a great life and family and still young and no way of making it back" instead his body would have been found in an uncompromising position.

    He has probably done this sort of thing many times, and he would have known how dangerous it was and would have stopped before he passed out, but sadly on this occasion it was too late.

    I will miss seeing him on t.v. i always liked him and i stopped watching to buy or not to buy when him and dom stopped doing the show.

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    gay tv presenter.looks like he died doing some kinking act to himself

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