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8 week old German Shepard mix?

We adopted an 8 week old German Shepard mix, and we think it is mixed with rottweiler. Although his tail is curled over, was wondering if anyone knows if a German Shepard/rottweiler mix puppies tail would be curled over (like an Akita) or if it might be mixed with something else. Was wondering if his tail is going to straighten out as he gets older, cause i know that german shepards ears straighten out by about 4/5 months.

thank you for your replys


heres a picture of him

http:// i49.tinypic. com/ 2dsmftj.jpg

whole body picture

http:// i49.tinypic. com/ 2ir6uk5.jpg

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    a rotties tail does curl if not docked ,

    there are many rottie x gsd 's in the uk and all there tails "do the loop"

    sometimes, more often than enough, there ears to stick up like the gsd ,

    Source(s): had a rotttie x gsd in the family , and was a beast , of a dog , but also was anti social , and hated every thing
  • A rottweiler's might curl over if undocked. What does the tail/coat look like? It might be mixed with chow. German Shepherds and Chows are commonly mixed (at least in my area). A lot of the GSD/chow mixes I've seen have Akita looking tails.

    Source(s): Work with GSD's and GSD mixes (a lot of GSD & chows).
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    All Rottweilers i seen had docked tails so i don't know if they would have curled tails if left to grow out . Full blood Shepherds have a small arch in the tail but nothing that looks curly. A Khesh Hound ,and Husky's have a curled tail,so that could come in there too.

    Source(s): Spell check wouldn't do Khesh hound . Keeshundend or similar is a more correct name
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    Its hard to tell with a mix. Possibly 75 pounds, but then again, hard to tell. Who would cross those two breeds? They're gorgeous alone, and certainly shouldn't be bred together. There enough Husky, GSD mixes in shelters.

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    no both breeds tend to have long(when rotties tail is not docked) tails that do curl over. Try chow chow, huskies, shiba inu, or Samoyed.

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    Rott weilers don't have curly tails, but it may have chow in it. If there are black dots thats a sign its a chow as well.

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