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My friend fears everything.....literally (no joke. and I want serious answers only)?

I have a friend name Joe that fears everything. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Even a blade of grass (he is really afraid of a blade of grass. I am not kidding). One time when we were at a strip club, the stripper was giving him a lap dance. He was afraid of her because he feared her NOT giving him an erection. When a baby is crying in a grocery store, he runs. Preferably after he steals lettuce from the produce section. I showed him my new laptop computer and he cried stating that it was "Satan's material".

At 3 am, he ate two boxes of donuts (as usual). He is afraid of them too because they "might" clog his arteries with cholesterol in the future. However, he is afraid of not eating them because he thinks that he will not be able to enjoy anything else at that time of night. One time when we were little kids, his mom offered him a glass of water but he was instantly fearful at the thought of drowning (choking from it). He originally got his fear from a boating accident he had two years ago where he broke his teeth. Now they look like jagged rocks at the bottom of a cliff.

Does anybody have any ideas that will make him fear life less??

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    I use to be allot like that....How ever at the time I was always getting beat up no matter where I went......Those where probably the toughest years of my life......Even after it stopped I was a pussy.......After a while I settled down, and now I'm constantly tempting death.......What you should do is figure out why he's such a pussy......from then you should try and help him.....People who where forced to be shut ins by there parents kind of easy........What you do is you drive him about 1 mile from a certain place, give him a water bottle and a few bucks and tell him to walk to a certain place.......My advise is to go somewhere he's never been......Make sure it's relatively safe, but to me safety is a myth to comfort the week, and week minded.......Eventually he will make it to the place he need to this every so often expanding the journey by half a mile every time.....Eventually heal learn the world isn't to bad and life is to short, to wast worrying about small stuff......also take him to a hospice and tell him to volunteer there.....He'll meet people who are dieing and some might have really good life stories to inspire him........Another thing I hear helps is get him a rescued dog.......I've heard many stories of people who suffered from a traumatic event rescuing an abused or neglected dog and the responsibility helps them, get over there fear......Those dogs are often the same way, so it's kind of like we're in this together.

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    He sounds like an attention wh*re!

    Get some friends together and fake kid nap him and really scare him. Throw a pillowcase over his head and put something like a hair brush to his head and tell him that he needs to tell you where the nuclear weapons are hidden. Or something that he will know nothing about. Just really scare him then at the end tell him see now grass isn't as scary as getting kidnapped is it!!! hahahaha

    What a baby?

    Why are you even friends with someone like that?

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    Therapy. Some sort of treatment is about the only practical solution here. This is a psychological issue caused by something in either his past of his brain, and he needs a therapist, a doctor, or both.

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    If it's a legitimate issue, therapy can help with that. It sounds like an anxiety disorder (OCD, PTSD, or Generalized anxiety disorder come to mind), but it could also be him just horsing around to get more attention from people.

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    Get that man his own radio show. I'd listen! Seriously, he could use the help of a psychologist. If he goes on like this, it won't end well.

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    well, there seems to be no problem. he stills does the things he's scared of. it's like he wants the attention.

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    someone should encourage him. He seems to have post-traumatic stress disorder.

    it's good that you've befriended him, and you should make him laugh.

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    he needs to see a doctor he was trmatized

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