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Not a POLL: Question: Can I live in a boat?

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    Well, Orange, I live on one since 2 years now.

    If it's Cleveland, Ohio where you life, then you have plenty of water at the great big lake - so the first factor is fullfilled: Water. (As being an Orange, as you write, you have a perfect condition anyway, because Oranges are Floating and can't drown! that's great, and I'm real jealous..)

    The next step: Boat - is easy too, and not necessarily expensive to get. The more money the quicker, but I managed to get mine(s) without any more money I would have spent living "normally" in a flat,renting. You just have to look out for bargains, insurance cases etc.,but that's an own topic.

    The question "can someone live on a boat" has a technical and a social side: you need a security solution while you're away on land, shopping, cinema etc... if you don't hire a crew or a servant (big $$) you will rent a place in a boatyard. ($ less than a normal flat) then you can leave in peace without guessing if your boat's still there when you come back ;O)

    If you think about the next step, like me, of being completely autark, you need a more tricky strategy, generator, at least 3 good anchors/chains, and an adventerous attitude. Regulations easier on the salty seas, on your big lake there might be some nasty special laws, but - if there's a law, there's a trick ;O)

    The costs which you have to think forward are MAINTENANCE: the easier and smaller your boat, the cheaper you'll live...and the more "low profile", means less attractive for Thiefs and "Law Rip off's"

    Technically it's all solved, google has all indexed, we livaboards are well spread all over the world, and yes, we're (almost) all online, the big-$-folks over satellite-Broadband, and me, writing this, over a cheap, reliable PAYG mobile Dongle connection, serves me well, every coast is covered nowadays.

    If you are NOT in Cleveland, Ohio, but in UK, then I can let you out my second boat, also 50ft, which is well equipped for living on it :O)

    Best of luck and inspiration!

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    10 years ago

    Only if that boat lives in a whale.


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    Yes you can, a smaller one would be rough because of not having a lot of room below deck. But the big ones have a good amount of room and it would be awesome. You could sail anywhere you wanted and live there, then move somewhere else taking your house with you. Different cities, countries, see the world, would be cool..

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    3 years ago

    residing on a boat is like residing in a cellular abode, different than the pals are extra useful, or no longer tere in any respect. Being on the water, you have the liberty of stream (on water it extremely is) and the ask your self and romance of the prompt enviroment. So confident i might proceed to exist a boat, and prefer to experience its rocking

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    yeah i dont know that song very well

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    It depends on the boat...

    If it is big enough, sure!

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    I don't know..can you?

    I cannot .

    And that is sad.

    There is just not enough water around here.

    Do you have a boat?

    Do you have water?

    If so, I say 'go for it'.

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    Yes all you need is water

  • 10 years ago

    Yes you can. Would you want to, is the question.

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