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Moving out of state...and having second thoughts..?

Ok so Im supposed to be moving out of state tomorrow..

and I'm having second thoughts..

I'm really scared to go to *daytona beach* florida...

Im from a really small town, only 3000 people, and Im going to be moving to a huge city, and I'm scared of the crime rate there..

Im afraid Im going to get really home sick...and Im scared Im not going to like and and wanna come back..WHAT SHOULD I DO!!?

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    Oh, don't worry at all, daytona beach is not that horrible place, it's Miami when people think of Florida and crime rates. Nothing horrible will happen there and its a rather small town, Florida towns cover a vast area and so it seems those high population numbers are all clustered together but actualy they are spread out. The best thing to do is to imagine you are going on a long journey, you will experience what the people experience in Florida each day. Many people move to places they don't want to go but once they get used to the new place, they adjust and find things in there they like. If this is not to your decision yet, later in life you will have your on choice of moving wherever you like, sometimes the job leads a person their or they find the place likable. Think of what good in that city, not bad! The beach, attractions, interesting parks in inland Florida.. Here in Tampa, FL they always post a crime in the news paper, I have never seen one, stay in nice neighborhoods and divisions, you will be VERY safe!

    Oh, there are a lot of kind elderly people here who retire as they see Florida as being safe and peaceful. Florida does not have those big cities like new york, the cities are spread out and small.

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