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Gary D asked in PetsCats · 10 years ago

A skunk keeps eating the cat's food in my back yard. Any suggestions on how to keep the skunk away?

I walked into my back yard tonight and in the dark I see a fluffy wisp of white. I got the lights on it and saw that it was a mid-sized skunk. He did the usual threat gesture of stomping his feet at me, then he turned around, stamped some more, and got ready to spray. I high-tailed it into the house, but he went straight for the cat's food after that.

The cats were smart and just stood by and watched! Probably because they got sprayed about a week ago. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can keep the skunk away and allow the cats their food?


Thanks to those suggesting bringing in the cats, but there's 7 of them and they're all feral. I'm working on making them friendly enough that I can catch them and get them a real home.

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    It's really unsafe to have outdoor cats these days. So bring the cats inside and that will solve your problem.

    Or... put a dish out for the skunk too.

    I had a friend who had a nightly ritual - a parade of raccoons, led by a teeny skunk showed up for cookies every night. That skunk ran those raccoons like a drill sargent and they had complete respect for her. After seeing that. I would not try to outsmart a skunk.

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    Skunk And Cat

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    07/25/14 i would suggest elevating the cat's food to about 5 foot off the ground. they can jump to the food. use a single metal pole as a support to discourage climbing. now if i figure out how to keep the skunk from using the cat door on my porch, i am home free.

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      Did you ever figure it out 😊 we have one using the cats door!

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    Skunks need food too!! Feed the skunk in the back yard and relocate your cats' food to the front or inside the house. Skunks are a member of the "cat family." Enjoy his presence. It's still winter - there's not a lot of food out there for a skunk at this time of the year.

    Source(s): Have 4 cats and 2 dogs, but I'd feed that skunk if he was in our yard.
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    Watch for the skunks. They can be live trapped just make sure that you aren't getting your cats trapped too! If you trap a skunk, throw a tarp over the trap. This will prevent it from spraying. Drive it well away from your place and release the skunk with a rope while keeping the tarp mostly over the live trap.

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    Hi there , In my experience i have always gave it what it wanted , i made it happy and was a cheerful character , i grew fond of the little furry thing and soon we became friends , i even had it stay in my house for a day or two , they are curious and got into all kinds of things but it was funny and entertaining , so give it some cat food and a toy , you will be glad you did . And that is my Answer

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    skunks are hard to get rid off. just keep the food somewhere where the skunk cant get to it or bring your cats in when you feed them

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    Amy & Elizabeth has the same idea as mine. I live in the city now, but when I lived in the country not only did I chase skunks, but ALL unwanted critters away with moth balls. Good luck.

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    Create a trapped and it will stopped eating your cat food. like rabbit trap. Or you can call someone you know that take the skunk away. And/Or grab a gun and shoot it. If you really care for your cat. Sometime you have no choose.

    Good Luck

  • 10 years ago

    Stop feeding the cats outside.

    Source(s): Former CVT
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