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did the Civil War in Arkansas differ from the war in many other states?

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    No comment to Blake N as this is a family website. There were only a couple semi-major battles in Arkansas, both in the northwest, Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove, both in 1862 I believe. There were numerous other smaller battles, but none of much importance outside Arkansas. There was quite a bit of guerilla activity, although not as much as in Missouri to the north. Most of Arkansas fell under Federal control by 1863 and the Confederate capital was moved to Washington in SW Arkansas. Arkansas was one of the poorer Southern states to start with. There was considerable destruction by guerillas and raiders even though not many major battles, and this left the state in bad shape after the war. Arkansas really was a border state that had seceded, and many Arkansans, especially in the northwest were Union supporters. In the small Battle of Fayetteville, there were 1stArkansas units on both sides, drawn from the local populace. Arkansans fought on the Confederate side at Gettysburg, but mostly they stayed west of the Mississippi. So I would say the war was different in Arkansas because there was a lot of destruction resulting from smaller actions and not many large battles.

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    Yes, because everyone knows that Arkansas' is not a real state.

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