white head or cold sore?

After hockey practice i went to bed and woke up with a white thing on the edge of my upper lip. it had a white head but it it hurt when i touched it. it felt like a white head i got scared cuz i dont want cold sores. I popped it by accident while eating so its just red now and starting to fade. it dosent hurt unless i touch it and i dont even feel it through the day. i havnt kissed a girl in a few months so its slim i got it from someone else. could this just be a pimple from the dirt of my mouth guard cause i dont wash my face aand didnt that night and also i dont wash my mouthuard and sits in my helmet till my next game. i have had bad whitehead around my mouth but they were white head cause they grew like whiteheads and whatnot. It dosent ozze or anything. its just a red mark now because i popped it while eating. its really small not big like the pics on the internet.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have problems with pimples, sometimes even white heads. I also have ocasional problems with cold sores. Since it already popped, and you haven't noticed any sores on your mouth than you shouldn't have any cold sore problem. To avoid pimples, wash your mouth guard and face daily! Also, google cold sore. You'll find the causes, symptoms, and tratments in case you ever get one.

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    Source(s): Cold Sore Natural Remedy : http://coldsore.ohfos.com/?gGB
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