What are the best 3 inch 12 GA shotshells.?

sabot slugs birdshot and buckshot

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best slugs for hunting deer are made by Hornady they are a tad expensive (about 2 dollars a shot), but if you have a rifled barrel they are worth it, if you're not shooting slugs from a rifled barrel it doesn't matter much what you buy they are going to shoot all over the place


    Buckshot you can simply purchase 00 Remington Buckshot from your local walmart and do fine

    Bird-shot I would either recommend Remington STS shells (about $8 a box of 25) at your local walmart for shooting doves or things of that nature, or Federal premium shells



    Check out the links and hopefully this answers your question.

    Source(s): Personal experience as a shotgun aficionado and reloader
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  • chana
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    4 years ago

    The ballistics between the two might somewhat desire the slug. 00 buckshot is approximately .33 inches in diameter. The little around balls, which possibly weigh 60 to 70 grains apiece have undesirable ballistic characteristics. it is authentic of all around projectiles. A around rifle ball fired from a muzzleloader is a lot much less effective than a conical bullet fired from the comparable rifle. as a effect, they shed their velocity particularly quickly and thereby lose kinetic potential quickly to boot. in case you have been searching deer with buckshot, on the subject of the optimal variety you need to efficiently drop a deer could be perhaps 35 yards. Even an previous Foster slug provides you with a minimum of one hundred yards of effective variety. As you will see there's an incredible distinction.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How in God's good name did this get in the FISHING section. to answer your question t depends on what your hunting, large game (aka deer) buckshot, small game (aka birds). 3in is a big shell, you'll wanna let them birds get out aways for ya shoot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this is very broad for target shooting and bird shooting bird shot

    if you are hunting deer use double ought buck

    and hogs if using single or double barrel shot guns use remington rifled slugs.

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