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Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow "Lavender Town" Music Kills Children in 1997?

Does anyone remember hearing this?

i remember back in 1998 i heard about it in school.

for those who are 90's kids and played pokemon for days know that the Lavender Town music was a very eerie tune.


their was this story that circulated back in 1997 about the original theme music that for "Lavender Town" that was originally released had these 3 very high pitched chords that gave kids headaches and stuff. and addiction to the game. or something.

and then the kids commited suicide when their parents didnt let them play the game anymore

i know this sounds like total bull. and it probably is

but i just wanna know if anybody remembers hearing this.

heres the link to the Re-released version of the tune for those who dont remember it:

Youtube thumbnail

and heres a link for a story on it: http:

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    No I don't, but if it's true then wow, and it didn't stop pokemon from growing huge. I mean there are a lot of sounds in pokemon that makes one want to commit suicide (for instance Kricketune's voice!)

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  • Jane
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    My heavens, I never have been flashed, but I did unintentionally flash a few folks once. I was in the hospital some time back and decided to take a stoll to the vending area. Well, I wasn't thinking about what I was wearing and, let's just say that those hospital gowns don't leave a lot to the imagination on the backside. The nurse came up from behind me and put a blanket over my shoulders . . . I was wondering why it was a little drafty back there!

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