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Why does the midwestern farm state of Iowa have legalized gay marriage, but New York banned it?

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    That's a great question

    Another state, California, has also banned gay marriage.

    I've always thought of CA and NY as generally liberal, strange isn't it?

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    In Iowa, it was the courts. The anti-gay marriage groups would have to create a constitutional amendment to overturn the Iowa court decision, which would take at least two years, and the Iowa legislature is not interested in doing that.

    The New York legislation was in the Senate, with eight Democrats joining the Republicans' no vote.

    What is completely bizarre is that NY will recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions and nations, just not allow them in their own state.

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    10 years ago

    1. Iowa is traditionally a very progressive state. Its population is among the most highly-educated in the country.

    2. New York didn't "ban" gay marriage. They just haven't legalized it yet.

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    because of the fact the actual purpose is for them farm boys to be waiting to marry their sheep. gay marriage is basically the 1st step. First you're gay and the subsequent element you comprehend you're having intercourse with cattle. that's what Rush instructed me.

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    Because the Democrap party is comprised of numerous groups that have their own grievances and don't necessarily care about those of the others. So while they might all vote for the same jerk, when it comes to issues, the hetero majority of Democrats want gay marriage just about as much as the hetero majority of Republicans.

    However, in Iowa it turns out that even the hetero men want to have that fallback option of marrying another man when all their girls run to L.A. and Chicago, and nights-with-the-cows get old.

    Source(s): Went to college in Iowa. So I know.
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    10 years ago

    BTW, has everyone noticed the party that most extols freedom and liberty are the ones most likely to stifle them, i.e. gay marriage?

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    Maybe they are looking to boost their population. New York already has too many people. Maybe it's a deterrent.

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    Iowa has activist judges. It is likely to be brought to vote and voted out.

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    Weird people in Iowa.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Don't know for sure but I have heard there are a lot of lonely pig farmers there.

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