Russian song "Spid" by Zemfira? Русская песня <<спид>> Земфиры?

I am doing a project on the issue of HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe. I found this song, and I was wondering if anyone who is familiar with it can give me some information about it? Is it popular or well-known in Russia? What exactly is Zemfira addressing in this song? I can translate it, but I'd like some contextual information from a Russian. And how does the song relate to the general idea of AIDS in Russia?

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    If you can really translate the song written by Zemfira - my congratulations, because there is a crowd of Russians thinking 90% of her texts are just a meaningless connection of unrelated words :-)

    This song comes from her debut album (1999) and it was very well known.

    The chorus "You've got AIDS, it means we will die" suggest that there are actually 2 people dying from AIDS.

    This song is about the choice between a slow death in a hospital being surrounded by useless drugs and living your last days ignoring the disease.

    Не рассчитались с долгами, свинтили.

    До скорого, мама, ключи у соседки.

    Я дула на веки пока не остыли,

    И плакали ивы, и ставили метки.

    We haven't paid our debts, we have run away

    "Bye, mom, we left the keys at the neighbor

    I had been blowing at the eyelids until they cooled down,

    And the willows cried, and left the marks.

    There is an expression "crying willow".

    This text means that they ran away without telling anybody about their problem, pretending that everything was as usual, and they needed to cry out and to work out their discovery without witnesses. They didn't think where did they run and didn't pay attention to the branches hearting them.

    This song is about press interfering into people private problems.

    Не видел ленивый в газете заметки, что

    А у тебя СПИД, и мы далеко.

    Only a lazy one didn't see the article in a newspaper

    That you've got AIDS, and we are far away.

    "Only a lazy one didn't (do something)" - is an expression meaning that absolutely everyone did something. This phrase can be also interpreted as "Everybody saw the article in a newspaper, but we are far away and we don't care".

    The general idea of this song is that you're left on your own when you get AIDS.

    90% of all people infected HIV/AIDS from Eastern Europe and Central Asia live in Russia. The main way of transmitting the virus - taking the drugs. 80% of infected people in Russia are 15-30 years old.

    That's it so far. If you have more explanations - add the details to your question.

    Source(s): if you still need a Russian text: You can watch the video here: I took the statistics from Russian Wikipedia:
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