Middle Names for Taylor (Girl)? [Please read]?

Hey! So my husband is leaving for deployment March 25th, and we just found out I'm pregnant. It's too early to tell what the sex is, but we wanted to decide on a name for a boy and a girl both before he left. We're going to name a boy after my husband, so that's easy. We both really like Taylor as a first name for a girl, but we cannot find a good middle name. I want something that is pretty, nothing like a filler, and preferably I'd like it to be three or more syllables.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what a good middle name for Taylor will be?


Sorry, also, I love Taylor Elizabeth, but unfortunately Elizabeth is my dad's wife's name, and my husband and I do not care for her enough to name our daughter with her name.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Taylor Sophia

    Taylor Madeleine

    Taylor Savannah

    Taylor Georgina

    Taylor Victoria

    Taylor Elise

    Taylor Olivia

    Taylor Morgan - Can work for either.

    Taylor Hannah

    Taylor Jillian

  • Amy
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    10 years ago

    Taylor Alejandra (al-eh-hahn-dra)

    Taylor Alessandra

    Taylor Catherine

    Taylor Isabella

    Taylor Johanna

    Taylor Josetta

    Taylor Serena

    Taylor Aubrianna

    Taylor Christiana

    Taylor Natalie

    Taylor Ariana

    Taylor Avery

    Taylor Violet

    Taylor Gabrielle

    Taylor Malia

    Taylor Sophia

    Congrats!! :-)

  • 10 years ago

    Taylor Grace

    Taylor Anne

    Taylor Gray

    Taylor Chloe

    Taylor Ashley

    Taylor Emerson

    Taylor Leah

  • Meg
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    10 years ago

    Taylor Nicolette

    Taylor Breanna

    Taylor Cassidy

    Taylor Samantha

    Taylor Bethany

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  • 10 years ago

    I like the spelling Tayla better for a girl.

    Taylor Elizabeth

    Taylor Raine

    Taylor Annaleise

    Taylor Tamara

    Taylor Autumn

    Taylor Shannon

    Taylor Paige

    Taylor Hillary

    Taylor Felicity

    Taylor Rosalie

    Taylor Jaylee

    Taylor Georgia

    Taylor Annabelle

    Taylor Ashley

    Taylor Simone

  • Congrats on the baby! Love the name Taylor

    I like

    Taylor Analise (an-uh-lees)

    Taylor Lianna

    Taylor Melina

    Taylor Bianca

    Taylor Lucaya

    Taylor Celeste (2 syllables)

    Taylor Francesca

    I know how tough the deployments can be (I'm a navy wife), but stay strong and we appreciate your husbands service and your support! Take care!


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Taylor Elizabeth

    Taylor Jacqueline

    Taylor Mackensie

  • 10 years ago

    I have Taylor on my list with the middle name Jazmyn so you could add Taylor Jazmyn others i came up with when deciding

    Taylor Kelsey

    Taylor Eloise

    Taylor Katelyn

    Taylor Francesca

    good luck and congrats!!

  • kanok
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    3 years ago

    perfect i think of i'm getting it... Madison Rose Taylor Gwendolyn Alexis Rae (desire Alexis Gwendolyn Rae) Kenadi Cheyenne Mae (desire Kennedy Cheyenne Mae) Kendall Olivia Grace Alexia Christine faith wish this helped!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Try maybe your name, or middle name, or maybe a family members name. If that's a no go. I like Elizabeth, or Anastasia.

    Source(s): 31 weeks 5 days with baby #1
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