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Should Nascar ban Jimmie Johnson from racing?

I am a Jimmie Johnson fan, and after his win i had this conversation with a friend of mine. He thinks Jimmie is to good, and the fans are tired of seeing him win so often. He thinks Nascar should ban him from racing, but if Nascar banned good drivers for winning allot we wouldn't have Richard Petty, and so forth.

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    No. If Jimmie is the best driver he is going to win championships and shouldn't be punished.

    I do think they should change the order of the races from year to year. Even Jimmie admitted that the tracks included in the chase favor him, I don't believe NASCAR did that on purpose, but it IS a fact. If the order of the tracks were randomly chosen each year (except for the Daytona 500, that should always be the first points race), but if the rest were randomly chosen it would eliminate the possibility of the order favoring any one driver year after year.

    I am a Jimmie Johnson fan, I believe Jimmie would still have won the four championships if the track order was random, however it would give the critics one less thing to complain about, and I'm all for that!

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    No! That wouldn't be right at all. Who ever heard of banning someone from a sport because that person was too good at it!

    The sanctioning body (Nascar) needs to take care of this to create better competition. The 48 team has an advantage, but it's not the driver. There are as good of drivers on the track every week. I'll admit that the crew chief is what makes everything work on that team and they can't ban him either, unless he's doing something illegal.

    Because the 48 teams cars have been one step ahead of everyone else since the COT was introduced, Nascar needs to be inspecting HMS shops and processes. Impounding their cars each time they win and tearing them down, not just the engine, but the whole car. Looking at everything with a fine tooth comb. Once they find something, even if it is not against the rules (gray area), change the rule or add another one that covers it!

    This is what Nascar should do, but they won't! Remember HMS was given all that extra time to research the COT before it was given to the other teams. They had a hand in the way it's built that gave them an advantage right out of the box. There is no doubt in my mind that Nascar is giving HMS special consideration because Rick (the convicted felon) is doing something for them. He was given a presidential pardon by Bill Clinton as he left office, but so were a lot of other crooks who helped finance his candidacy! This whole HMS dynasty thing smells funny, even if it's not.

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    I don't think Jimmie is "too good", some of his success does come from luck and Chad Knaus, but to ban a guy because many fans are sick of seeing him win in vanilla fashion is stupid. And it says nothing nice about the other 42 (mostly) talented drivers out there who did not win the race for people to say "hey no fair jimmie wins all the time".

    No, and they wouldn't do such an unsportsmanlike thing, even though it might improve their sagging ratings and lessened attendance.

    Source(s): Not a Jimmie Johnson fan, not even since the few busch races or the fall '01 debut of the mysterious second lowes car.
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    Well, people are just frustrated and want something to be done because he wins so much. But really other teams and drivers just need to find a way to step up and win races instead of losing them. The past 2 weeks, JJ has been allowed to just come in and steal a win near the end of the race. When teams figure out a way to stop beating themselves they can beat the 48 team. But ban him? I would say that's impossible and it would be like banning Michael Jordan from basketball in his prime with the Bulls. I was never a Bulls fan because I like the under dogs but I loved to watch Jordan play. I'm not a 48 fan, and I don't like watching him races but he can't be banned.

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    I really know how people feel. I work on a team that has finished 2nd or 3rd in points in our series 6 of the last 8 years ( last year was only a part season ) and the same guy wins most of the races and has 7 championships. This doesn't make us protest against him , it makes us work harder to beat him and we do on occasion. It feels great when we do. We hear the same complaints from our fans ( " they should ban him" " he's too good " ) but the fact is we just have to do better. You can't ban teams from being good you just have to step up your program to be as good. Complain all you want , it won't change a thing.

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    I think banning Johnson would be the best thing fans would want, but should they? No, for one very important reason. His performance has made the sport more competative as a whole, and has made teams try and catch him. It may have taken a few years to do this, but you can see some teams answering the call. Look at RCR, Roush, and EGR. These teams have been improving to dethrone Johnson. Now I would like to see someone seriously challenge Johnson in the end (Bowyer, but more then likely Harvick), but we won't know until November. On a side note. I am mad Gordon didn't win at Vegas, but I'm hoping we see some old school racing soon. I wanna see bumping and wrecking to get that win. Not just letting them go and saying "oh well, that 48 team is just so strong". Quit pouting and be aggressive and take it to them!

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    Oh Come On! That is the silliest thing I've ever heard! Not a fan of JJ but what's he supposed to do? And it would be nice to see some other winners, sure it would! Just a matter of time till the others figure out what Chad knows that they don't. Only been what 3 races so far? Who's to say JJ wins another? Golly Gee I certainly hope we see tons of competition this yr!!! Let's give it some more time before we all jump to conclusions that it's gonna be another JJ yr.

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    Then they should ban the start and park drivers too. They will NEVER win a race running 10 laps or just being in the way.

    Source(s): But I digest..... Just my 2 cents.
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    With all the rules NASCAR has in place these days there is no distinct advantage to any one driver or team. His ability to win time after time is proof of the skill he and his crew Chief have in making the right calls at the right points in time to get to the top.

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    You are joking. You've got to be joking. Why should he be punished because he's got TALENT? And he doesn't win "so often". last season he didnt win that much. He just had a lot of good finishes, which put him in the championship winning position. He gives the other drivers something to compete with, and he deserves everything he's won. If people think he's "too good", then they need to get over themselves. He's got alot of talent, that's why he's in Nascar.

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