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Do you agree with Winky Wright when he said that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a "protected fighter"?

“We all know Floyd is a very protected fighter who does what’s best for him, and you can’t knock a man for that."

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    Pretty good interviews, but it was actually VIVIAN HARRIS who said Floyd was a protected fighter not Winky.

    I don't agree with Vivian Harris considering Floyd has always fought the top guy in every weight class at the time he was there, and called out other top guys. I know some people like to judge him soley on the WW class alone, but I felt he moved up to that weight(which originally was an uncomfortable weight), originally to lure big names into lucrative fights.

    Even though he took 2 years off, I notice a lot of his detractors still count those years as campaign years for him. Truthfully he's been at that weight for about 2 years and fought Sharmba Mitchell #5 WW at the time, Zab Judah #2 at the time, Carlos Baldomir #1 at the time. He did fight Hatton too, I don't know what he was ranked when Mayweather fought him. All of these fights, with the exception of Mitchell, were demanded by the public.

    True to consistency, these wins were devalued after Mayweather destroyed these guys. If anything Mayweather has been protected by public demand.

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    No, not really. Mayweather took on some solid fighters in his career, like Jose Luis Castillo, Zab Judah, Arturo Gatti, Gernaro Hernandez and Philip N'dou long before he took on DeLa Hoya, Hatton or Marquez, he hasn't been anywhere near as protected as some.

    I get into heated arguments when I claim Mike Tyson was protected, but aside from guys like Ottke and Calzaghe I think Mike was the most protected fighter of the modern era. Anyone who could have hurt Tyson was avoided, Mike somehow never fought Bowe, Tua, Moorer or even Big George. When it did step up, it was after his support group had been dissolved and Holyfield, Lewis and even Buster Douglas cleaned his clock.

    That said, nobody was as protected as guys like Sven Ottke or Joe Calzaghe, their careers in truth were for all intents and purposes jokes, neither European took much risk against any prime A level competition.

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    winky wright needs to focus on not being the most boring middleweight of all time.

    his defense is good but he doesnt have ANY offense.. just 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.

    you guys think floyd is boring...omg i cant stand watching winky wright!!!!!!

    as much as i want him to be great he cant!!!

    when is the last time you saw winky throw a hook or an uppercut?? never!!

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    Anyone that has been paying attention knows mayweather is a protected fighter.

    Like others his legacy will suffer since he did not fight the best available fighters, so he could protect his record.

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    Any fighter who is not protected needs to get a new manager.

    I disagree 100% with Winky's drug testing comments.

    All clean fighters should be demanding the best drug tests, and willing to take any tests. Fighting is too dangerous to allow cheaters.

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    Floyd Mayweather is not afraid to fight anybody.

    The reason Floyd takes easy fights is because it is easy money ,low risk and big rewards because everyone is willing to pay and see Floyd perform against anybody.

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    some of this is winky being jealous of not being able to get big fights. perhaps he needs a personality transplant.

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    Definitely. Some managers are too concerned about popularity that they forget the capacity of their boxer and end their boxing careers early instead of looking after their welfare and their gradual ascent to fame. This might be the case of Sonsona's last fight. I hope he recovers.

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    Yes he is and so was Oscar De La Hoya and so is Manny Pacquiao.

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