How many castles are in germany?

One. Of my friends wants to know.

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    Paladin tried it, but the list is just to frigging long:

    For example the list of Baden-Württemberg

    Now count 'em

    Roughly about 20'000 (but this is just a estimation made by me looking at the lists)

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Abenberg Bavaria (Bayern) Leuchtenburg Thuringia

    Achberg Bavaria (Bayern) Lichtenberg (O) Baden-Wurttemberg

    Altenburg Bavaria (Bayern) Lichtenberg (T) Rhineland-Palatinate

    Are Rhineland-Palatinate Lichtenstein Baden-Wurttemberg

    Arras Rhineland-Palatinate Lichtenstein (2) Bavaria (Bayern)

    Auerbacher Hesse - -

    Battenburg Rhineland-Palatinate - -

    Bederkesa Lower Saxony Liebenstein Rhineland-Palatinate

    Beilstein Rhineland-Palatinate Lisberg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Bentheim Lower Saxony Lutetsburg Lower Saxony

    Berum Lower Saxony Marienberg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Beverungen N.Rhine-Westphalia Marksburg Rhineland-Palatinate

    Breitenlohe Bavaria (Bayern) Maus Rhineland-Palatinate

    Bruch Rhineland-Palatinate Metternich Rhineland-Palatinate

    Budingen Hesse Meyenburg Mecklinburg

    Burghausen Bavaria (Bayern) Minniburg Baden-Wurttemberg

    Burgk Thuringia

    Burgthann Bavaria (Bayern) Muhlburg Thuringia


    Coburg Bavaria (Bayern) Nassau Rhineland-Palatinate

    Cochem Rhineland-Palatinate Neideck Bavaria (Bayern)

    Colmberg Bavaria (Bayern) Neuenburg Saxony-Anhalt

    Desenberg N.Rhine-Westphalia Neuleiningen Rhineland-Palatinate

    Dhaun Rhineland-Palatinate Neuravensburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Donaustauf Bavaria (Bayern) Oberhaus Bavaria (Bayern)

    Eckartsberga Thuringia Osterburg Thuringia

    Eglofstein Bavaria (Bayern) Pappenheim Bavaria (Bayern)

    Ehrenburg Thuringia Parsberg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Ehrenburg Rhineland-Palatinate Pfalz Rhineland-Palatinate

    Eisenhardt Brandenburg Plassenburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Elmstein Rhineland-Palatinate Prunn Bavaria (Bayern)

    Eltz Rhineland-Palatinate Pyrmont Rhineland-Palatinate

    Falkenberg Bavaria (Bayern) Rabenstein Bavaria (Bayern)

    Falkenfels Bavaria (Bayern) Rabenstein (R) Brandenburg (?)

    Felsburg Bavaria (Bayern) Randeck Bavaria (Bayern)

    Feuerstein Bavaria (Bayern) Ranis Thuringia

    Frankenstein Hesse Rheinfels Rhineland-Palatinate

    Freienfels Bavaria (Bayern) Rochsburg Thuringia

    Freyenstein Mecklinburg Rosenburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Furstenstein Hesse Rudelsburg Thuringia

    Rothenburg Bavaria

    Giechburg Bavaria (Bayern) Runkel Hesse

    Gleichen Thuringia Saaleck Thuringia

    Gossweinstein Bavaria (Bayern) Sababurg Hesse

    Grunsberg Bavaria (Bayern) Saulburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Gutenfels Rhineland-Palatinate Schlitz Mecklinburg

    Haag Bavaria (Bayern) Schonburg (O) Rhineland-Palatinate

    Hardenburg Rhineland-Palatinate Schonburg (S) Thuringia

    Heinrichsturm Bavaria (Bayern) Sooneck Rhineland-Palatinate

    Heldburg Thuringia Starkenburg Hesse

    Henneburg Bavaria (Bayern) Sterrenburg Rhineland-Palatinate

    Hilpolstein Bavaria (Bayern) Stollburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Hinte Lower Saxony Stolzenfels Rhineland-Palatinate

    Hohen Neuffen Baden-Wurttemberg Stuer Mecklinburg

    Hohen Rechberg Baden-Wurttemberg Thurant Rhineland-Palatinate

    Hohen Staufen Baden-Wurttemberg Trausnitz Bavaria (Bayern)

    Hohen Zollern Baden-Wurttemberg Trendelburg Hesse

    Hoheneck Bavaria (Bayern) Trimburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Hohenfels Bavaria (Bayern) Tuchersfeld Bavaria (Bayern)

    Hohenstein Bavaria (Bayern) Velburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Hornberg Baden-Wurttemberg Veldenstein Bavaria (Bayern)

    Idstein Hesse Vishering N.Rhine-Westphalia

    Kaiserburg Bavaria (Bayern) Wachsenburg Thuringia

    Kaiserburg (Lauf) Bavaria (Bayern) Waischenfeld Bavaria (Bayern)

    Karlstein Bavaria (Bayern) Wartburg Thuringia

    Katz Rhineland-Palatinate Weibertreu Baden-Wurttemberg

    Kemnitz Brandenburg Weissenburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Kipfenberg Bavaria (Bayern) Wertheim Baden-Wurttemberg

    Kriebstein Thuringia Wildenburg Rhineland-Palatinate

    Kronburg Bavaria (Bayern) Willibaldburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Kups Bavaria (Bayern) Wolfstein Bavaria (Bayern)

    Kussaburg Baden-Wurttemberg Wulzburg Bavaria (Bayern)

    Kyrnburg Rhineland-Palatinate Zwernitz Bavaria (Bayern)

    Landsberg Thuringia - -

    Lauenstein Bavaria (Bayern) - -

    Leienfels Bavaria (Bayern) - -

    Lengenfeld Bavaria (Bayern) - -

    Leonrod Bavaria (Bayern)

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