What is the trial status of Komisarjevsky & Hayes accused of killing the Petit family in Connecticut in 2007?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I did a slight research on this crime committed by those two men.

    It seems their viciousness will now be used as a prime example for the call for the death sentence.

    Although the state of connecticut has carried out the death sentence only twice in 50 years, it seems the prosecution will settle for nothing less.

    In this case rightfully so.

    They already admit to the crime mainly by trying to get the public defender to plead them guilty if they rescind the punishment of death if convicted.

    I doubt many innocent men will admit to such crimes if they weren't guilty.

    I am sure their is other evidence linking them there as well besides Mr. Petit's eye witness account.

    Such a locked case needs not to be prolonged longer then Mr. Petit to go to the hardware store to buy two ropes and then by police escort to the nearest tree.

    However to answer your question, I believe it is about to actually go to trial as jury selections are about over now. If they are not already.

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