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Why does the IOC always take all Olympic hockey highlights off Youtube?

I mean what do they care if someone posts some highlights of the game when it's long over? They always take that stuff off the very first second they can and even close the accounts. It's ridiculous. I couldn't watch the final and wanted to watch some highlights on there. But thanks to the IOC I can't.

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    Because it's their intellectual property and they own the rights to it. IF they choose to grant access they can, but they choose not to. The problem is that too many people have gotten used to stealing intellectual property (music, etc.) that the mentality is that nobody is being harmed...bit like stealing a small amount of money from a bank...except when 100mm people do it then it adds up.

    Broadcasters pay a lot of money to obtain Olympic rights which gives them have that violated has to come with a penalty.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yahoo supports gang-stalking and I'm sick and tired of it. My ex-military ex joined a 12-step cult ( and they decided whatever he had to say was true. I got no input. They use their connections in law enforcement to track my internet activity and then make bogus complaints to their connections at Yahoo who tells me I violate tos and shut down my accounts but never tell me what I violated. My usage is consistent with that of others. And until this incident with my ex I've used Yahoo! for over a decade the same way I've been using it recently and never had a problem. Yahoo supports gang-stalking by 12-step steppers.

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