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Is Frank Sinatra Sicilian in ancestry?

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    Sinatra was born in 1915 Hoboken, New Jersey, the only child of Italian immigrants Natalie Della (née Garaventa) and Antonio Martino Sinatra.

    Antonino Martino Sinatra was born in 1892, in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. In 1903, he immigrated to New York City on the SS Citta di Torino, with his mother Rosa Saglibene Sinatra and his sisters Angela and Dorotea.

    On Feb 14th 1914, Marty eloped with Natalie Della Garaventa (Aka "Dolly"), to Jersey City, where they married, as Dolly's parents would not give a wedding, and did not approve of Marty, because he could neither read nor write, wasn't even a good boxer, and was a Sicilian, whereas the Garaventa family were Genoans.

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    Is Frank Sinatra Sicilian in ancestry?

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    Frank Sinatra Family Tree

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    Was Frank Sinatra Italian

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    Half Sicilian aka southern Italian and half Ligurian aka northern Italian.

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    He was born in the US, but yes, his had Sicilian ancestry.

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