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What is the most accurate free horoscope site?

I don't know with proof, or care, if horoscopes are real. I like to read them and I like the free ones online. I've been to sites before that very accurately described my days each day (I read them at the end of the day, not the beginning, so I didn't look to make them a self-fulfilling prophecy throughout the day... however they were verrrry accurate). I can't remember any good sites though. Which ones do you regularly read and which seem the most accurate to you? I know some will seem better for some people because the way a horoscope is written IS up to interpretation, so I want a few sites to check out. Thanks!


let me have my fun... i've read ones before that were like "today you will talk to your boyfriend about a recent lack of communication but will resolve your issues before you go out with your friends." and it happened. i'm not saying if it's real or not, it's just entertaining, especially when they're correct! give me a break, they're more scientific than religion if anything. chill.

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    Accurate and horoscope are a contradiction in terms, of course many sound accurate because they are written in such a general way.

    You can either test this yourself or have someone else do it for you, my wife was convinced as you are that they were accurate, whether she read them at the beginning of the day or at the end so this is how I convinced her.

    I cut out the horoscope section from a well know daily newspaper which I read but she doesn't every day for a week, I cut off each of the zodiac signs and replaced them with a code, at the end of each day I gave her the twelve horoscopes and asked her to choose which one she thought was the most accurate, she failed at the first attempt every day of the week, and while I gave her several chances each day, when she did eventually choose the right one, it was no better than you would have expected by chance alone.

    If you ever find a horoscope site, a medium, clairvoyant or psychic that can give you predictions better than by chance alone, please suggest that they contact James Randi under my source and they can claim his $1,000,000 challenge, I must tell you though that he has never found a genuine one in the 60 years that he has been looking, and that's worldwide.

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    Accurate Free Horoscope Site

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    Most Accurate Free Horoscope

  • astro.com and cafeastrology.com At astro if you put in your D.O.B place of birth, and time you can get a free horoscope just for you based on your whole birth chart. Talk about accurate, it's a bit freaky how accurate they can be. Hope this helps :0)

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    All daily horoscopes are irrelevant. They are written for fun and entertainment and bear no relation to real astrology.

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    If they are not real how can they be accurate?

    I suppose you should look for the most vague ones then that you can interpret as fitting the most number of possible situations.

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    More details required

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    4 years ago

    I was curious on the answer too

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