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What would you do/think if ear cropping and tail docking were made illegal in the U.S. as it is in Europe?

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    10 years ago
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    It is already illegal in a few places in the U.S. I would assume it will expand eventually. There will ALWAYS be vets willing to dock/crop as long as money still exists. I presume you are referring mainly to Dobermans & Rottweilers. I deal exclusively with imported dogs, so am quite used to the "tailed' Rotties now. We also have several tailed/flop eared Dobermans that train here. It's taking a little longer to get used to the "look" of an unaltered Doberman. The fact of the matter is that the dogs with tails can cut a much tighter corner than the docked dogs. Close contacts in the dog world tell me that they are excelling in agility. Other than the cosmetic appearance, there really is no reason to crop/dock that I can see....and there are benefits of NOT docking (mobility). I don't think it's cruel or inhumane....but do consider it unnecessary. In 30 years, I've never seen any of the "OMG tail injuries" that so many people talk about.

    ADD: Sorry, WyrDachsie....as in "place", i didn't necessarily mean "locations". The USRC is now part of the IFR, and they have set a date when docking of puppies will no longer be acceptable. I think they have about a year to go before it's in complete effect. The other I was referring to was actually New York. I got an e-mail a while back that it "WAS" getting pushed through...but never followed up on it.

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    4 years ago

    Let's see, I have witness 4 litters be docked and dewed (weimaraners), I have assisted with three of those litters. Out of the 20+ dogs, maybe one cried, and that is because I didn't apply enough pressure to it's paws while being dewed. The puppy stopped once it was put back in the basket with the rest of the pups. It was kind of cute actually, puppy crying, and then goes right to sleep once laid next to it's litter mates. I know breeders that do docking themselves, mainly because they don't trust their vet to do it correctly (trust me I have seen some horrible docks done by vets). Many that do go to the vet take Weimaraner Ways with them to show them how it is to be done. As for a bloody mess, hmm not really, people make it seem like we are taking a cleaver to the dogs tails which is not true. Sterilized scissors is more like it. Many things to people are cruel, I know some people that think gluing a dogs ears is cruel. When the glue is non-toxic and doesn't hurt a bit. I do also have to wonder why spaying and neutering is perfectly alright, when it is much more invasive and has way more side effects, and oh yeah your dog can die on the table. When docking/cropping when done at the appropriate age and done by someone who knows what they are doing (I think I could trust the person who helped bring/establish weimaraners to this country to do dews/docks) is not invasive nor does it have side effects, and your puppy is not likely to die on the table. Docking/Cropping when done correctly really isn't that bad. It is bad when someone takes a rusty knife to a dog and does a botch job. But we are not talking about that.

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    I would think that the stupid politicians fell hook, line and sinker for the BS that the AR crowd spews.

    First of all, they say cropping & docking is cruel, however, the AR crowd wants mandatory spay / neuter laws, which is much more invasive surgery.

    My dog, my property, I decide. If I like the look for a cropped / docked breed, then I have no qualms about cropping/ docking. Plus, it is not the governments business to tell me what I can or can not do. Like or not, dogs are considered property. I am not their mother nor am I their "guardian".

    I'm going to get TD's from the Bunny Huggers and I don't care.

    edit: Dutch, could you tell me where in the U.S. cropping & docking is illegal?

    I know the NYS Assembly is trying to push this thru, they tried last year and it failed, but is up again for consideration.

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    I would think it was as regrettable in the USA as I do in the western European countries were docking is illegal, as the procedure is done to prevent tail damage to dogs while doing whatever job required of them by their handler.

    A breeder cannot determine at three days old, which pups {if any} would have the required temperament & strong working characteristics to do the type of work the breed was orginally created to do.

    In Europe the docking/cropping ban came into force not because of AR activists but because there was a consensus among the member countries that evidence indicated that in breeds traditionally docked, which had been left undocked in countries such as Germany since 1998, the incidence of reported tail damage was low.

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    10 years ago

    that it would be time to get the hell out of dodge because once the AR nuts can win that fight there will be other things. If you don't like it FINE, don't get those breeds and keep your opinions to yourself. People go on and on about how painful ear cropping is(pups have slept through tail docking), guess what spaying and neutering are JUST as painful.

    The same arguments against cropping and docking can be used against both those procedures.

    If I want a dog with cropped ears and a docked tail appropriate for the breed that is my business and no one else's but the vet I am working with and the breeder I bought from.

    ETA: Actually I can since the stack of cons that come with spaying/neutering and there ARE CONS are much higher than those related with proper crops and docks. The health benefits are negligible since there thousands of INTACT males and females around the world who have never develop cancer, had pyometra etc. There are plenty of fixed animals that have developed health issues from being fixed. Do not for a moment think I am against either of these procedures but the fact remains if I was going to pick WHICH surgery I was going to put my dog through it would be an ear crop long before spay/neutering only because some of us know how to be responsible for our intact animals.

    BOTH put the animal through pain - common argument against cropping

    BOTH are unnatural - another argument

    And again, my dog my business. I respect the fact people don't like cropping and docking that respect however stops at the line when they start acting like its the worst thing that can be done to a dog or when they think their opinion, in many cases not based on any sort of experience or knowledge, is the right one.

    Even if I hadn't owned docked breeds or even liked those breeds I would never support a ban. One because its not my business what people do with their pets as long s its legal and done properly and two because I am firmly against ANYTHING idiots like PETA, HSUS, etc support. When you agree to one thing that strips away the rights of pet owners you open the door to other bullsht.

  • Ocimom
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    10 years ago

    I would hope that one day the ear cropping would be illegal. But tail docking I do agree with in many of the breeds. Some breeds Do have problems with the tails being damaged in working and having to eventually be amputated. I really see nothing wrong with tail docking.

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    I have mixed feelings about it! I did have my dobermans ears cropped and vowed I would never put another dog through that! The experience was horrible and very painful for the dog! Of course he looked wonderful after they healed but it was still very sad seeing your puppy unable to be a pup just because you want him to look a certain way! I do have to say I hate those long tails though and I would hate to have to have those tails knocking everything off of the tables! That is selfish though so of course I wouldn't be upset if they ban cropping/docking here!

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    10 years ago

    Some breeds benefit from tail docking and ear cropping - working breeds who continue to do so like hunting dogs where their tail could be a danger to them. And yes it does look nice on some breeds and thumb me down all you want saying "Oh your just thinking of looks and its cruel" Tail docking done when pups can be done with such little discomfort to the pups and forgotten in days like in humans - male circumcision done when babies. And anyone who thumbs down thinking this view i hope you never buy a breed because they "look" nice as apparently its cruel!?!

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    10 years ago

    I live in europe so it wouldn't affect me but I would feel happy for all the Dobies, Great Danes etc who aren't subject to it anymore, despite what some people may try to say there are no health benefits, it is purely cosmetic. Some people are fine with that but not me personally. I have a Great Dane, I couldn't do it to her. Docking is different, I still wouldn't do it but if its done before they reach a week old it is said to be okay. Since cropping is done ALOT later, and involves taping and so much after care I would conider it to uncomfortable for my dog since its so unneccesary. If there were a valid reason then I wouldn't have to much of a problem, but for me there isn't really a valid reason, you are after all allowed show a Great dane with natural ears.

    EDIT: You can't really compare spaying and neutering to ear cropping and docking, thats kind of stupid. By fixing your dog your preventing a few hundred possible puppies being PTS and there are proven health benefits. No health benefits to cropping ears unless the dog is a hunting dog, in which case I wouldn't have a problem. That's a valid reason, cropping your dogs ears because it 'looks regal' to me is not a valid reason but obviously thats subject to oppinion.

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    Well I think it would be ok. I think some dogs with short tails and cropped ears look sharp, but thats really all it is. Its a look and nothing more. And it really is cruel if you think about it. If you've ever taken puppies in to get it done they don't put them to sleep or anything. Atleast not for the tails and dewclaws. They are wide awake when they chop them off and burn them to stop the bleeding. Docs wouldn't dare do that to human so why do it to a animal? We have a Great Dane and we left his ears long. However my bf wishes he would've had them cropped. But I'm sure Boomer is happy just the way they are. I prefer pits with floppy ears too. They got such a bad rep. I think they look more friendly with the floppy ears. They look mean and bad *** when you crop their ears. Thats just my opinion. I'm kinda iffy about it. I know I wouldn't wanna buy a yorkie or a doberman with long tails bc it would look weird but if it was illegal I think we'd all get used to it and it would be ok too. And ALOT less painful for the poor puppy.

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