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how do you chokeslam?

really wanna learn how to chokeslam. please be detailed/ video link possibly, thanks

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    um, it's kinda simple, yet you have to have lots of strenth, and be able to life weights... with one hand. you have to grasp the opponent's neck, lift them up, and slam them to the mat, ground, floor, whatever.

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    Only an idiot would not know how to do a Chokeslam.

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    Your grab the persons Big Toe and you pick them up and slam them down.

    Really though its really not that hard IMO all you need is a friend and remember its not all you picking them up they have to jump with you so that it doesn't damage the throat area.

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    You take your opponent by the neck with one hand put opponents arm over shoulder have opponent jump then slam down.(Its better if you try with padding the first few times,for your friends sake!lol)

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  • rvd
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    All you have to do do is tell your opponent to jump at the right time. That's why it is all scripted and takes years to prefect and to do safely

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    you need hell of a lot of strength in you arm,back and legs

    grab onto there throat and just try n lift them up, and put your other arm on there back,

    its easier in pro wrestling because the person taking the move will help you out by jumping a bit and holding onto your arm, but it still takes strength

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