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Anyone who knows about krav maga?

can anyone give me a website that has advanced krav maga techniques? or maybe u can explain some of the moves to me. also do you know of any studios near philadelphia?

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    Krav Maga is a system that uses your natural instincts to get you up to speed fast without all the "junk" of an "art form". In Krav Maga it is about survival rather than how you look to judges.

    The Israeli Defence forces has been using this since 1948 and since they have mandatory service they needed a system that can teach anyone young/old, man or woman how to defend themselves and be able to get combat ready in a very short period of time. Krav Maga does this.

    If you don't have access to an instructor you can get books and DVDs on the subject, I would go to as I buy all my Krav Maga products here and they have great customer service and a good variety. Plus the Ulitmate Krav Maga DVD box set is available there too! This DVD set has Eyal Yanilov from IKMF and John Whitman from Krav Maga Alliance as guest instructors. So with these two guys it is bound to be a great DVD set. They are still taking pre-orders but I believe that it is due out really soon.

    But books and video is nothing like training on a regular basis or even going to a seminar. I would go to as they seem to have a lot of event announcements for Krav Maga seminars and courses and you might find something close to you.

    Plus there is a IKMA instructor in Conshohocken according to the website. Not sure if this is far from you but it might be an opportunity to maybe go once in a while to ensure you have some first hand instruction. IKMA was the organization that Imi Lichtenfeld set up (the founder of Krav Maga). There are a number of other organizations including IKMF which Imi's "right hand" Eyal Yanilov who is the chief instructor. They are getting more and more schools here in the USA. Plus there is Krav Maga Worldwide or Krav Maga Alliance which are also very good Krav Maga organizations.

    But you have to look out for some schools that claim to be Krav Maga but are really just capitalizing on the Krav Maga hype. Do your research. Go to forums - my favorite one is

    When your life is on the line there are No rules.

    Krav Maga No Rules No Rings No Bull

    (got this from the new Ultimate Krav Maga DVDs)

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    Check out the location's website and see if they are part of any krav maga association. If they are, you might be able to go on the association's website and see how good their instructors are. They should also either let you take a free class before you join, or let you watch.

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    Krav maga is basically the same system you will find in most comprehensive self defense systems. It is good if you are starting new and need self defense and confidence.

    HOWEVER - most of the stand up can be found in Kempo Karate and Muay Thai and for its purpose there's virtually no sparring going on or effective combination punching. ( 2 of the main strenghts of these styles)

    Its multiple attacker scenarios and blind attack drill are interesting and fun, I really enjoyed it and it seemed relevant. These drill can also be found in self defense Kempo JKD, and probably many other styles.

    Knife Defenses was interesting and well structured, the class structure is similar to BJJ in which you learn in "layers of possibilities''. Drill can be found in kempo, kali, krabi, krabong, JKD, Jujitsu, Sambo ect.

    The instructors (where i went) seemed to be mainly non fighters and the club was structured like a business more than a 'gym .... or club'. It felt quite impersonal and I didn't feel like this was my new family (as a fighter i look for this in a gym). Business side was separate from coaches and the were very keen on small print technicalities and quite harassing chasing me for payments in advance and a debt guarantee. One of the staff even lied saying my fee was due 2 weeks early, I think they need to wake up to the fact if your gym is a family then you dont need garuntees and contracts to keep your students coming back.

    All in all. realistic, well structured, reasonably priced. Instructors are logical and i hear them say a lot of things i would say to a student. Very clean, positive and minimal egotistical nonsense from coaches.

    Wide range of techniques, taught in a good structure.

    But - no real intense sparring or cardio, certain system vulnerabilities such as thinking they don't need to block low kicks. Very impersonal ..... can be good if you want to just train. Martial art not unique so if you are a fighter and want to round yourself I think its best to specialize as the grading system makes personalized training difficult. V open too split entry hooks and low kicks, no sparring exp or exp getting hit, possible that up to 2-3 years in will still be stunned by a jab. Use of tomb stone pads is dangerous and distorts punching angle.

    To conclude, good if you are starting or just want to learn tricks in the street, excellent for women, or anyone suffering abuse. Needs to be complimented with full contact training.

    Like myself if you are a fighter and want to get on with weapons and multiple attackers, it may have been better to specialize (eg kali ect) also find the same and full contact sparring in JKD

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    you should check out this website:

    With this FREE training you will learn krav maga techniques for protecting yourself and others against a wide range of real-world threats and attacks: from common strikes, grabs, chokes, headlocks and other holds through to high risk situations involving multiple attackers and/or weapons including knives, sticks and firearms.

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