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Palestine- The Test of Islamic Revival...............?

Unique characteristics giving Palestine a distinctive nature

Palestine, as well as Egypt, Iraq, Chechnya and any country ruled by Islam even for one day, is a Muslim land. In this regard, it should be born in mind that a country that was ruled by Islam, by virtue of either a conquest or a treaty, will remain Islamic till the Day of Judgment regardless of how universal and man-made laws may change and how divergent opinions people may express. No doubt, this is the unchangeable Divine law. "No change can there be in the Words of Allah." Moreover, Palestine is not just a Muslim land; rather, it is endowed by Allah with unique characteristics so as to be distinctive from any other Muslim country.

First: It was the first Qiblah (direction for prayer) for Muslims.

Second: It was the destination of Isra' (the miraculous night journey of Prophet Muhammad)

Third: It contains Al-Aqsa Mosque, which Allah always connects to the Sacred Mosque in Makkah and glorifies as the second house for worshipping Allah after Ka'bah to be placed on earth.

Fourth: It contains the third of the three holiest Mosques to which Muslims are encouraged to undertake journeys solely for the purpose of worship (the other two being Al-Masjid Al-Haram (the Sacred Mosque) and the Prophet's Mosque).

Fifth: A prayer in this Mosque is worth 500 prayers more than in any other mosque.

Sixth: Allah called it in the Qur'an the blessed and the sacred land.

Seventh: It is the land of resurrection and gathering (for the Day of Judgment).

Eighth: Many decisive battles in the history of Islam, such as Ajnadin, Bisan, Hittin and Ein Jalut, took place on these lands. On the same lands, the last battle between Muslims and Jews marking the approach of the Day of Judgment, in which Muslims will be victorious, will erupt.

Ninth: Blessing its people till the Day of Judgment, Allah stated that a group of Muslims living in Jerusalem and its hereabouts will remain fighting for the truth till the Day of Judgment.

Tenth: Allah made it the homeland of many prophets, who either were born therein, emigrated thereto, lived on whose land or were buried therein.

I have so far listed ten distinctive characteristics by virtue of which this land was given preference over any other country.

A question might arise: why this land is specifically endowed with such characteristics? The answer is that Allah predestined that all inhabitants of the Earth will think of invading this small land being so sacred and blessed and that it will remain the focus of conflict till the Day of Resurrection. In fact, it was ever coveted by Persians, Byzantines, Crusaders, Tatars, the English, Jews and many more others. Accordingly, Allah inculcated great zeal in the hearts of believers so that they may never leave it occupied. Of course, Muslims should never be tolerant regarding the occupation of any Muslim land.


Do you make dua for our brothers in Palestine??

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    The last battle will not be between Muslims and Jews, it will be between a unity of believers against the unbelievers. Being Jewish is not the determination of which side a person is on. Being racist and anti-Jewish is one, though, but not the side Muslims will be on.

    It is not possible for a people to become Muslim by being conquered. They become Muslim by accepting an invitation, not through coercion and force.

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    So here you are saying that Jerusalem belongs to Islam when Jerusalem has always been the city of the Jews?

    Well you may be correct; Jews should never have allowed Muslims to build a Mosque and a dome on their holy site.

    So what abort Spain which was occupied for over 500 years by Muslims; does it also belong to Muslims?

    While I am sympathetic towards the Palestinian cause, the problem is not religious; it is political. Hamas has used religion to promote its terrorist agenda but the simple truth is, Palestine needs a leader devoid of terrorist ties.

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