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Bad Sectors/Blocks on Hard Drive Question?

I have bad sectors/blocks on my hard drive (i don't know how many) (if you know how I can determine the exact number then PLEASE help me out with that as well)

After running "chkdsk c: /r" in the command promt, Windows gives me a message saying something like "Scan of hard drive is complete. Volume is Clean."

Now, during the scanning process, windows "replaced bad clusters" in some files.

Now that it says "Volume is Clean," has it fixed those bad sectors, or at least found a way to work around them? Does "Volume is Clean," mean that I'm good to go or do I still need to take measures in order to save my hard drive from failing soon?

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    In personal computer storage technology, a cluster is the logical unit of file storage on a hard disk; it's managed by the computer's operating system. Any file stored on a hard disk takes up one or more clusters of storage. A file's clusters can be scattered among different locations on the hard disk

    A cluster is a logical rather than a physical unit (it's not built into the hard disk itself), the size of a cluster can be varied. The maximum number of clusters on a hard disk depends on the size of a FAT table entry."

    Possible you shck your hard drive , sometimes if u suddenly "SHUT DOWN ' OR adding new software or anything that you do to your PC that have some effect in configuration , you will see

    that CHKSD command when you boot up..

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    Depending on how your partitioned your hard drive, in addition, you should perform a chkdsk c: /F as well. The /R only recovers bad sectors but doesn't fix the bad sectors. The /F switch fixes the bad sectors after it is scanned.

    To better understand the switches used on chkdsk, go to:

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    you're regularly suitable, in spite of the undeniable fact that a bad force would have issues loading particular code which isn't loaded in secure mode. If the device freezes with the force doing clicking sounds, it quite is the force... acquire and run HDTune (freeware version). It has a tab that shows the final "wellness" of the disk force. If there are any pink or yellow warnings, the force would be beginning as much as fail. If all wellness shows sturdy, and your force does not "click" while hung, then pass to a diverse fix save... maximum video lockups are as a results of drivers or upload-on application like Adobe Flash, Bonjour, and so on... it quite is totally actual if each thing runs in secure mode without issues - it won't be in a place to be hardware if the video runs for hours in secure mode (nicely, no longer likley besides...) in case you have administration panels for the video card (ATI or Nvidia), try uninstalling the administration panels, yet leave the drivers put in (basically get rid of the administration application). replace all video drivers besides, to make particular. I had an argument at present the place the administration panel became into inflicting the crash. (as a results of video card overclocking enabled, yet no longer used)

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    You have to run chkdsk /r /f. Also, you can not stop a hard drive from failing with bad sectors.

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    to be sure just run disk defragmenter from windows accesories or just defrag form a cmd prompt

    from cmd prompt type defrag -a it will anaize everythiing it will tell you straight up if yo need to defrag or not.

    the volume is clean message is saying your are good

    soemtimes there are bad clusters

    if they are recovered you get volume is clean your good dood

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