Need a nice lower price revolver?

I am looking for a nice Med frame revolver that is low in price. ie Taurus 82ss4 or 65ss4 which runs for about $375 new. I would like for it to be a .38 or .357. I know that Ruger makes some for around $500 or $600 but would like to keep it lower. Are there any lesser know names that are still decent quality that I may be over looking. The revolver will not be carried around.

It will ade in home defense but is not the primary weapon, a 12ga coach gun is. I want it to be cheap because I feel that it is more likely that my house will be broken into when I am not home and would rather NOT have one of my nice expensive guns out for the robber to find.


I already have a safe thats bolted to the floor. Thats why I want a lesser expensive gun out for someone to steal if I am not home. I keep all my expensive gun locked away.

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    Taurus is a ok revolver for the money......but, I would look around for a used S&W or a Ruger Revolver for about the same price in good shape.

    I would also consider getting a a 12ga pump action shotgun with a short barrel in the 18-20" range and a 6-8 shell magazine capacity.

    Facing multiple attackers or a miss or two leaves you with no ammo in a double barrel while attackers are still in your house.

    I would get a Rem 870 or Mossberg 500 pump for less than 300.00 first......a shotgun is a much better HD gun......

    A cheap gun safe or pistol safe can be had for a good price and can be bolted to the floor or wall. This is a must with kids in the house or high crime areas.

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    First of all, in order to answer your question accurately we would have to know what the barrel length is, what kind of factory grip (rubber, Hogue, Wooden), and what kind of sights as these all would affect the price. $479 is not a bad price for a Taurus .357 stainless revolver. Taurus started out as a cheap Beretta knockoff made in Brazil, but they have really come into their own in the last few years and are really a quality firearm at a reasonable price. S&W, Colt, and Ruger, doesn't really matter as all revolvers are essentially the same, give or take a few cosmetic and machining differences. They all have the basic design and everything else is just semantics. Also if you can get that price at a LOCAL gunshop go for it. You might find it $50 or so cheaper online, however by the time you pay the FFL transfer fee and shipping, you are getting basically the same price anyway for the same gun. Ultimately it is your choice. HAPPY SHOOTING!!!

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    Invest another hunnert bucks for a lock box, and bolt it to the floor, or the inside of a closet. Gun safes are more pricey, obviously, as they are larger, but everything I own is under lock and key except the gun that sits on my nightstand while I'm sleeping. When I dress in the morning it goes in my front pocket, unless I'm going to a prohibited location, and it goes in the safe. That resolves your fear of theft. As to the gun itself, I'd look at a used Model 60 Smith and Wesson, a GP-100, or if you can find one, a Ruger Security Six. Buy used. Ruger and Smith are made like tanks, and you'll save a small fortune. Smith 686's are going for under 500 bucks at the gun shows, in used but not abused condition. Buy stainless if you can. Less maintenance. Hope this helps, and I think you're very wise to buy a revolver. In the middle of the night its pretty much goof proof.

    EDIT: For David R. We "Yanks", unlike you Brits, are free citizens, endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, one of which is the right to keep and bear arms. Punch ups indeed. I'm 60 years old, and I'm not going to fisticuffs with a crook. An armed man will defeat an unarmed man with monotonous regularity. By the way, if your Mad King George would have never instructed the British Army to confiscate arms, we'd probably still be flying the Union Jack. Read a little history, and then sit back comfortably as a Subject of the Crown. Such piffle.


    Dear Asker:

    You posted that you actually want a gun to leave lying about so someone can steal it? If you're looking for "bait" for smash and grab robbers, may I suggest some garish looking jewelry box, filled with flashy but extraordinarily inexpensive costume jewelry? I have done precisely that, at a cost of less than 200 bucks, including the jewelry box, and no-one is going to be killed by a 3 dollar "emerald" broach.

    Source(s): 40 years accumulating guns, 20 years teaching gun safety. We threw the Brits out once for trying to grab our guns, and will likely vote gun grabbers out of office in November.
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    Well, if you're looking for something around $300-$400, look into a used Ruger.

    A good example would be a Security Six... I bought mine (6'' Stainless) for around $275 a couple years ago... and it's in pretty darned good shape if I say so myself (>95%).

    Look on the used market.

    A mediocre new firearm, will forever and always be a mediocre gun.

    A stellar used firearm in good condition will always be a stellar gun.

    EDIT: +1 to WOP. David R.: Try "punching up" someone holding a gun. Go ahead. You're European, a.l.a. "expendable".

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    I've got the Ruger GP100 that I'm sure you looked at. It's great and built like a tank. It was 500 new, but you could buy a used one I bet for 300, and it's built so solidly, I wouldn't be weary buying a lightly used one. The Taurus guns are really crap, you don't want to trust your life to it when you need it to work.

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    Rossi is good quality at a price below Taurus. Also look for a used Smith before buying new but inspect carefully for cylinder tightness and freedom of movement when you pull trigger.

    Source(s): I have a Rossi 357
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    I got my wife a 3 inch Charter Arms 38...light easy to hide and good close range weapon...load it with Hydro Shocks and great stopping power for the size..Used at a gun shop they run around $125

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    taurus model 66

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