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Question: Explain what would happen to U.S. Interest rate and JPY/USD w/o purchase of U.S debt by Asian Bank?

The Bank of Japan considers the USD to be undervalued. The bank would intervene in the FX market and buy U.S debt. If they do this, there will be more USD in the market and the interest rate would be lower, correct?? If this is the case, what what would happen if the Bank Of Japan did NOT intervene, what would happen to the JPY/USD exchange rate as well as the interest rate in the U.S? Please help!

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    Interest rates would be higher and USD/JPY (the way it's usually reported) would start rising (the value of the dollar in Yen) as people start taking the carry trade. If interest rates are higher in the U.S. than Japan, people borrow in Yen and buy Dollars to make money on the spread. There probably is an unknown tipping point, though, where money markets would lose faith in our economy, and the dollar, with rising interest rates in the face of the predicament we're in now.

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