Many questions about miscarriage?

Went to the ER on Feb. 24th for light spotting to see what was causing it but was not in pain. Saw the baby but there was no heart beat that the Dr. could see but he said my cervix was closed. Was told to go home and be on bed rest and not to worry until OB said something was wrong and to wait for a call from OB to come in the next day. OB called and I went in but three hours before I was to go in I started clotting with the bleeding. Cried and got my husband out of working knowing that was a very bad sign still there was no pain.

Went in explained what was going on to the head ob dr. She did an ultra sound and saw there was only a sac but no baby.

Anyways my question is if I passed the baby wouldn't the sac be gone also? Could this be a totally different pregnancy that we are seeing now?

Why did I have no pain with my miscarriage? Is that normal?

Was the ER wrong for sending me home during a threatened miscarriage?

How long does bleeding normally last with this type of situation?

How long did you have to wait to have sex again?

What would happen if I got pregnant with in the next two months again? Would it miscarry because it wasn't enough time like the reccommended 3-6 months?

I know I should ask a Dr. these thing but I'm asking on here right now until I see the head Ob DR on friday again.

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    I can't answer all of your questions, but I can tell you my experience. I had a miscarriage on Jan 25 2009. I'd had positive pregnancy tests, but ultrasounds failed to show a pregnancy - so we assumed our dates were well out. When the bleeding started it was immediately heaving and I went to hospital. Pregnancy test there was a very slight positive and when retested hours later was negative, I had no pain at all though. The following day I unfortunately passed a mass in hospital, still with no (physical) pain. The bleeding lasted about a week - 10 days. We waited until after one cycle to try again. Our doc said there's no real difference between one and three. Pleased to say I became pregnant immediately with little Abigail now being nearly 11 weeks old - and she was a perfect pregnancy. The doc just sent me for an early ultrasound to allay my fears. As far as being sent home from the ER, it can be that during early pregnancy there can be some spotting, so I guess they have to go with that sometimes.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. There's nothing anyone can say to make it any better or any easier, and the one thing I hated to hear the mosy was "well, it's probably for the the best - there must have been something wrong with it:" No - there's no reason, and it's not for the best. It just shouldn't happen. We like to believe that our 2nd baby's spirit is looking after our 10 year old son, and little Abby. So shall you little one be. You never forget them - they're always your babies.

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  • Jenny
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    I don't know the answer to most of these. But the ER wasn't really wrong for sending you home, because if you are going to miscarry, there is nothing they can do for you to stop it

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