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how far ahead or behind of America is Britain? (time)?


um, im in there a site that would tell me exactly how different the time zones are?

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    Hawaii and Alaska are also American States so there are at least a couple more time zones.

    British Time GMT/UTC- GMT Noon, London

    America (Atlantic) AST- GMT -5=7 AM, New York

    America (Central) CST- GMT -6=6AM, Des Moines

    America (Mountain) MST- GMT -7=5AM, Denver

    America (Pacific) PST- GMT -8=4AM, Los Angeles

    America (Alaskain) AKST GMT -9=3AM Fairbanks

    America )Hawaii-Aluetian Islands) HAST GMT -10=2AM Honolulu

    I have not included any American Territories, only States that make up the 50.


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    That rather long post feels ever so much word for word like a cut and paste job from some US politician's speech. I have seen your posts here and there before : if you are indeed American then you do seem like one of those who thinks there really is nothing the USA can ever learn from others because it always does everything right and never needs to change its behaviour. One of those Americans who, as the invasion of Iraq approached in 2003, spoke out in an intimidatory manner against any of your compatriots who had the shocking temerity to criticse your President GWB for what he was doing. America the land of the free? Only if they don't have a dissenting opinion.

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    Hawaii is GMT-10.

    Alaska is GMT-10 or GMT-9.

    PST is GMT-8.

    MST is GMT-7.

    CST is GMT-6.

    EST is GMT-5.

    Britain is GMT, so America is between 5 and 10 hours behind Britain.

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