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want to know more about 五大句型

I've been living in Canada for two years, and I like English.

I learn and study English hard, yet I always hear 五大句型 from Taiawanese, which I've never heard from any of my English nor my ESL teacher. I would like to know more about 五大句型, but if you can, try to explain it in English; I did some research about it on yahoo answers, but I couldn't understand a bit because they use too mcuh Chinese to explain it.

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    1. S+Vi.

    Money talks.

    Everybody laughed.

    He got up early every day.

    2. S+Vi.+S.C.

    She is a good student.

    He seems happy.

    I feel comfortable.

    3. S+Vt. +O.

    I like her very much.

    He caught a bad cold.

    The early bird catches the worm.

    4. S+Vt. +I.O. +D.O.

    I wrote her a letter last week.

    Father gave me a book last night.

    May I ask you a question?

    5. S+Vt. +O.+O.C.

    The letter made her very happy.

    They elected him chairman.

    I consider him honest.

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