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加州UC系統的大學需要 SAT LV。1


因為我想考LEVEL1 但是網站是寫 SAT II


可是就算要LV2,   LV1也能嗎?






Update 2:

to 001

i dont live in TW

so i know that i can take chinese

since i came here when i was in elementary school


but my question is do i take math level 2

for UC universities?


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    im currently a student in Davis.

    i also applied to ucd from taiwan after i took the sat and act; but i applied as an out-of states student.

    first of all, u may choose either to take the SAT or the ACT; i took both tho.

    For the SAT there're two different tests: SAT I & SAT II.

    SAT I is sort of like the college entrance exam in taiwan where it tests ur english and math abilities; the math part is hella easy but the english composition and reading are gonna cost u big time if u dun hav a strong enough english background. SAT II is like指考 where its basically testing ur individual subjects. for example, math, biology, chemistry, chinese, english, physics. if ur gonna apply to UC schools i recommend u not to take chinese as one of ur SAT II subjects cuz they'll see that ur from taiwan and that the chinese test u took won't be evidently enough to determine ur quality.

    i think ull definitely have to take the SAT I, some schools also require u to take SAT II but i think SAT II would be easy shit for u as long as u dun go over the limit and take english...

    Despite all the attention about the SAT, i do recommend u to take the ACT instead since its a combination of english, math ,and science. The science part is more of an"interpreting the results" kind of questions so i think ull be fine.

    For me i got like 1750 on my SAT I cuz i blew english hella bad.hahah

    Got a 29 on my ACT, which is equivalent to around 1900-2000 on the SAT I i think; anyway it was better than my SAT score after i convert it.

    SAT II:

    i took three subjects


    Math level II:690


    i believe that u shud try to at least score around 1700-1800 on ur SAT I and ace the SAT II's since they're not hard at all. extracurricular activities are also encouraged, so u shud go help out in an animal shelter or in the orphanage.

    good luck !

    contact me if u hav any more questions my yahoo is 0000500

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    i remember UCs require u to take level 1.

    they recommend u to take level 2 tho cuz basically level 1 is easy as hell so its hard to tell if ur really that good.

    since u didnt study high school in tw ur english shud be fine=)

    2010-03-05 13:55:14 補充:

    oh and i think if they said they want u to take lv 2 then just take it; follow their instructions then ull b fine.

    but i do think u shud give lv 2 a try tho...unless u really suck @ math that is

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