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2009年, 10經濟現象

在去年,全球經濟現象,可用幾個關鍵字來形容,分別是1. 倒閉:擁有101年歷史,同時是全美最大的中小企業商業貸款機構CIT申請破產保護、2. 出售資產:《紐約時報》變賣總部、3. 舉債:美國國債4年內總額將擴大2倍、4. 失業、5. 遷移:油價造成世界工廠轉移。不難發現2009年仍籠罩在「金融海嘯」的愁雲慘霧之中。舉目所見還是「倒閉」與「衰敗」景象,如杜拜由盛而衰、美國銀行接連破產,加上美國與中國兩大國失業率居高不下,讓人感覺不到景氣回升的氛圍。因此各國政府在中小企業發展的政策,更顯得重要。

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    2009, 10 economic phenomenon

    Last year, the global economic phenomena that can be used to describe a few key words, namely 1. Collapse of: has a 101-year history, is also the nation's largest commercial lending institutions to SMEs CIT filed for bankruptcy protection, 2. Sale of assets: "The New York Times" the sale of the headquarters, 3. borrowings: total amount of U.S. Treasury bonds four years, will be expanded two-fold, 4. Unemployment, 5. migration: oil prices caused by the transfer of the world's factory. Not difficult to find in 2009 is still shrouded in the "financial tsunami" of gloom and doom. Everywhere you can see or "collapse" and "decline" scenes, such as Dubai's rise and fall, Bank of America series of bankruptcy, together with the United States and China, two countries with high unemployment, people do not feel an atmosphere of recovery in the economy. Therefore, governments in the SME development policy, but also more important.

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    In 2009, 10 economy phenomenon

    Last year, Global economy phenomenon, Usablenesses several keywords come describe, Difference is one. Bankruptcy: Has histories in 101, Meanwhile is whole America biggest medium and small enterprises business loan agency CIT application bankruptcy protection, 2. Sells asset: " New York Times " Sells off HQ, 3. Raising loans: America national debt 4 year in gross will enlarge 2 time, 4. Unemployment, 5. Immigration: Oil price results in world factory transfer. Not difficult discover still hang over at in 2009 " Finance tsunami " In the middle of gloomy clouds miserable fog. Raise the eyes see or " Bankruptcy " And " Decline " Scenery, Is like du bai by fill but declined, America bank successional bankruptcy, Adds America and China two power country unemployment rates stays at a high level, Lets people feel do not go prosperous rise again atmosphere. So every nation government at medium and small enterprises developing policy, Much looks important.

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