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幫我翻成英文 !

麻煩好心人幫我翻譯成英文 (用正確文法 , 不要直翻啊 ! )









話說回來,他們因為到墳場去冒險,而不小心目睹了一樁殺人案,對於他們克服心中的恐懼,願意挺身為無辜的嫌疑犯洗刷冤情的勇氣,我很佩服 .



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    1. Tom likes to play with his best friend 哈克,

    Their naughty style makes Aunt 寶麗and the neibors really mad.

    But his extraordinary courage and a sense of justice makes his playmates admire him.

    One day, Tom and 哈克find a pot of gold, which had been hid from Indiana Joe,and they get rich overnight!

    And get them into some even more amazing adventures.

    2. Actually we're just like Tom,even if we're afraid to be punish,but we still can't match forcuriosity and fun!And that's why we do something crazy.

    But, because of their advanture, they saw a Homicide, and I'm really admire them because they tell the truth, even if they are scared.

    Ithink Tom's a naughty kid, but I admire his courage

    But I don 't want to be like Tom,Making everyone worried everyday,instead of this,I'm going to be a mature and sensible kid.

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    Tom likes most to admire a gram with good friend to commit tomfoolery together,

    Although the very naughty style lets the treasure's beautiful aunt feel a headache with the neighbors,

    But lead the person's tactful courage and sense of righteousness to also let Tom be subjected to worshiping of the playmateses.

    Certain day Tom and admire a gram not intentional found to print in the cave Anne Joe keeps illegally of gold coin as a result the one night amasses a fortune,

    But consequently launch a series of more surprisingly go through dangers a story.


    In fact we are like to can not bear lifeless and often play tricks of Tom, although in the heart also fear is punished, but because enemy however curious and naughty heart, and often do an absurd matter.

    The words say that come back, they because go to the grave field take a risk, and carelessly witnessed a homicidal case, to them overcome heart in of fear, would like to stand to be the suspect of the innocence to wash and brush the courage of the grievance, I admire very much.

    I feel that Tom is a very naughty kid, although has the courage the risky courage let me admire

    But I don't want to be like Tom and let the parents and teacher whole day worry, but is a mature and reasonable good kid.


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