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請幫我把這段中文翻成英文 (急, 但謝絕翻譯機, 10點)

因為我想要做個了了的動畫 需要解說

就麻煩各位大大幫我想的內容 翻譯成英文 ^^ :




突然 有一個神秘的人出現.....

神秘的人告訴市長 : 我知道只要找到一樣東西 就能停止這場浩劫

市長道 : 真的嗎?? 哇 那太棒了... 可是 要去哪裡找呢??

神秘的人 : 恩.... 我只知道幾條線索

第一 : 他就在市長的官邸 第二 : 在官邸的一條神秘通道


於是市長就指派了 Jeff James 兩位雙胞胎兄弟去尋找.....

但是他們把市長的官邸找遍了 就是找不到秘密通道



市長的官邸 突然變成一片擺滿糖果的花園....


James : 那是什麼~~長的好可怕歐




Jeff : 一直逃是不行的 我們得想個辦法打到那兩隻怪獸

市長突然想到 他有一隻有神奇魔力的拐杖....


怪獸 : 這是什麼 長的好可怕~~

怪獸開始逃跑.....Jeff 跟 James 決定要打倒怪獸 繼續追趕

之後一場混亂之下, 怪獸終於被KO......

大家也都累了 就把糖果當午餐吃掉.....

他們把整個花園的糖果都吃光..... 突然間...


市長 : 那個神秘的人說的東西一定就是這個

不久, 花園又變回了之前的官邸

市長 : 也不知是怎麼回事..... 一打開門看....

發現所有的地方 都變得跟以往一樣


從此 大家都過者幸福快樂的生活

-- THE END --

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    The land became barren as the world was destoryed

    Our cities did

    The mayor looked powerless at it the ruin.

    Suddenly, a mysterious guy showed up in the front of the mayor.

    I know the thing can stop this disaster. Tells the mayor a mysterious man.

    Really? wow, that would be great. But, where are we gonna find it? Says the mayor.

    A mysterious man: hmm I know some clues only

    First of all, its in the residence of the mayor

    Second of all, its in the secret passage of the residence.

    That's it.

    WIth that, the mayor assigned the twin bro- Jeff & James to search.

    But they couldn't find anything about secret passage of residence all over.

    Jeff felt tired and fall sleep on the floor

    the mayor's residence has aburtly turned into the garden is filled with sweet

    James: What the hell is that? It looks like terrible!

    The monster is barbarically getting toward to the mayor and Twin bro.

    They scared the hell out here and ran away from it.

    However, they encountered with another one in the front of them.

    The mayor thought of unexpectedly having a magical staff.

    And took his staff out proundly.

    Monster: What is that? it is scary-looking!

    The monster start escaping.. and Jeff and his bro Jame decided to eradicate the monster and keep going to stalk it. And then on the battle of chaos, the monster was finally killed / slaien

    They felt tired and took the canday as a lunch to have.

    In all of a sudden on the large follower grow a glass of champion as they ate the sweets completely in the garden

    The mayor: It is the thing a mysterious man mentioned about.

    Before long, the garden returned back to mayor's residence.

    The mayor: I dunno what happened. And he opend the door

    he found that all the places are the same.

    People whoop for the mayor and twin bro's help.

    Since then, they've been living with life of happiness.

    The END

    2010-02-28 15:41:12 補充:

    I have just abridged with sentence of one.

    Add: We are being running and it is useless. We gotta figure it out to take two monsters down.

    PS: we can use anoymous word as slay. kill, defeat, defense. eradicate, or verb phrase, take down. slay down or finish and so on.

    Source(s): The transation by myself. In a fresh. getda?
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    Our cities have been ruthlessly exploited

    Helplessly watched the mayor city in ruins

    A mysterious person suddenly appears .....

    Mysterious told the mayor: I know that if something can be found to stop this catastrophe

    Mayor Road: Really?? Wow that's great ... but where does it go then??

    Mystery Person: En .... I only know a few clues

    First: he was the mayor's residence in the second: a secret passage in the residence

    On these two clues .....

    So on the appointed mayor of two twin brothers Jeff James to find .....

    However, they searched the residence of the mayor is unable to find the secret passage

    Jeff was tired .. sleep 倒在地板上

    Suddenly ~

    The official residence of the mayor suddenly become a garden filled with candy ....

    But ...

    James: What was the good awful long ~ ~ Europe

    Nazhi Monster fiercely towards the Mayor's twin brother over there

    They scared Batuijiupao ~ ~

    However, there are a beast in front of them ....

    Jeff: always escape is not enough we have to find a way that two monster hit

    He has a mayor of a sudden thought that only magic of the stick ....

    Which out of pride

    Monster: What is a good long terrible ~ ~

    Monster began to run away with ..... Jeff decide to overthrow the monster James to continue to catch up

    After the confusion under the monster was finally KO ......

    We have also put the candy when tired, eat lunch .....

    They have eaten the whole garden candy ..... suddenly ...

    In a large flower birth of a trophy .....

    Mayor: That mysterious thing some people say is this

    Shortly before the garden has changed again, back to the residence

    Mayor: I do not know how the story ..... one opened the door to see ....

    Found that all areas have become the same as before

    There is also a result of the mayor with the help of twin brothers, hail!!

    Since then, everyone had a happy life of those who

    - THE END --

    Source(s): 自己~
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