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Spiritually speaking, do you think being an organ donor is commendable or against your religion?

I know some religions out there aren't cool with dissecting one's body after death, and have various burial requirements.

What do you think? Would you be an organ donor?

I'm thinking about signing up to be one.

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    I think its a commendable thing for any person to do, and I've been signed up to be an organ donor since I first had that option, and my family knows as well it's what I want should anything happen.

    While I respect the beliefs of those who are against it, I find the idea of dead humans needing their organs as quite ridiculous. An almighty and all powerful God, a Creator who made a universe as incredible as to be something we can never truly visualize, comprehend, or immitate... such a God would have no problem creating for us a new organ, should we require one after this life.

    I also disagree with the idea it will somehow cause us pain in death (for if the dead do feel, I'm quite sure decay would be even more unpleasant).

    If anything, for someone religious being an organ donor should be seen as one last act of kindness they can do for another, one last attempt at redemption.

    I think you should most definitely sign up, everyone should, regardless of faith.

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    There are no major religions in the US which are against donation. I have put the source below so people can check the views that their faith or denomation has regarding donation

    I am a grateful kidney/pancreas recipient, and I'm very happy to see so many people suppport it.

    I'm also listed as a donor although I have medical condtions (and obviously they can't use my kidneys or pancreas). The doctors can decide at the time of my death if any other organs can be used.

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    Since I follow my own spiritual path and no religion, I can honestly say that being an organ donor is not against my religion. I find nothing wrong with it. After I'm dead what does my lifeless body need with organs that could potentially save a living person's life? So long as they wait until I'm dead they can have my organs.

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    Unless your religion forbids it then I think everyone should be organ donors. Why not save another persons life after you are dead if you can?

    What do I care what happens to my organs after I die? I would love it if my death helped another person live.

    I think everyone that doesnt have a religious reason against it should be an organ donor and a bone marrow donor. It is such a little thing we can do that might save another persons life.

    Source(s): LDS (mormon)
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    It's commendable. I am an organ donor. I don't understand how people could be against it. That is like being against finding a cure for cancer.

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    I donated a Yamaha 3 instruction manual to a Methodist Church as quickly as! Spiritually conversing notwithstanding, i'm an organ donor because of the fact i'm unlikely to choose my physique when I vacate it and it in basic terms is sensible to somebody else to get as plenty stable out of it as they are able to. i do no longer do this for non secular motives notwithstanding. i'm pragmatic with regard to the actuality that it would be plenty extra useful for my organs to be of use to somebody, than taking on genuine supplies in a graveyard that somebody has to weed. Spiritually conversing, i'm going to be someplace else and would have plenty extra significant concerns to contemplate. Spiritually conversing notwithstanding, as quickly as we grow to be organ donors, what legal accountability can we anticipate to maintain those organs clever? does not do plenty stable to be an organ donor if your organs have already been preserved with huge quantities of alcohol or worse. some human beings have self assurance that their finished physique would be resurrected whilst they get to the different facet. i ask your self what might take place if so? might we seem as some style of blended entity. What if I have been much less qualified than my host. might we be in Heaven and Hell on the comparable time? Owww, my head hurts. i choose a lemonade and a snooze!

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    i don't have any religious beliefs, but my own moral ones have no issues with being an organ donor. i am one. it's on my driver's license. i'd sign up to be an organ donor. i believe that if parts of my body can be used for education or science when i'm dead, then that's awesome.

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    I am an organ donor, have received a blood transfusion and recognise Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

    It is not commendable, just helpful for the recipient

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    That is a very interesting question which I as a Christian could care less what happens to my body once I am dead but while I am alive, I don't like pain!!! I understand that some sects of Islam believe that if the body is not intact they can not go to Heaven but what about and car accident?

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    Hell, I ain't gonna using 'em anymore. Yank 'em out, give 'em to somebody who could use 'em. And I never really got the whole "no autopsy and such" rules. Don't most religions teach that the body is just a vessel and therefor meaningless when compared to an immortal soul?

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