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Why can't people accept different country have different view's on correct dog nutritions?

Australians have been taught that dogs are omnivorous, I've spoken to at least 15different vet and they all said never to feed just meat and organs, I also got a home cooking for pets by a well respect senior holistic vet, from the lord smith animal hospital, which also explain in great detail the true nutritional requirements of the dog. . But most of the vets have said raw bone is good, at least 10% of those vets have also told me high levels of protein will kill the kidney and yes i know a few dogs that have had there kidneys killed by large amount of protein.

Where as american's have been taught dogs are carnivorous.

Why can't people on yahoo answer accept this, as we are going on what we being taught and we both have a right to our own opinion and are educated other in what we believe is correct nutrition.

As soon as i say there omnivorus i get tones of e--mail-all by americans saying dogs are carnivores and given me websites that i've already read and idon't believe a word of what listed in the website.

Now what do you believe and what country are you in and why?

Anyone else had issues feeeding extreme protein? Any health issues?

Note i have a dog that cannot tolerate extreme protein, i have her the lower then recommend dose of Innova Evo, she because mentally unstable, including serious aggressive issues.Tried to attack a staffy mix and an elderly couple. She never ever had this reaction to food before what so ever.

When in realtiy she normal sweet, well manner dog, with no aggression what so ever. I later ran into the same couple 2week later, and she acted like she was best buddies with them. So i know it was the food that caused her behaviour as i changed it immediately, after i seeing something so out of character for her. She got the nature that wouldn't hurt a flea.

So can anyone explain this?


Answer are pretty much what i expected, but i did get a surprise with one response. Yeah i agree that vegetables are good. I feed my dog vegetables with her dry food and she get pasta and rice if we have that.

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    Dogs are opportunistic scavengers, they eat anything and everything just like foxes, wolves and coyotes in the wild when things get scarce. They lean towards a carnivorous diet and and do not have the flat molars that cows have so logic tells me a major portion of their diet needs to be meat. Dogs are omnivores though; they are able to process and digest plant material and are able to subsist on strictly plant material if that is all that is available, hence why dogs were able to survive on some of the **** people feed their pets. Felines are a strict carnivore who require Taurine, Arginine, Arachidonic Acid and Cysteine which are found primarily in meat sources and cats will die without meat or high protein substitutes.

    "To begin with we must get a good grip on two terms . . . carnivore and omnivore. The cat is considered by scientists to be a strict carnivore and the dog is considered to be an omnivore. Both species are in the Class Mammalia and the Order Carnivora, but here’s the difference: The cat cannot sustain its life unless it consumes meat in some form. Dogs, however, are able to survive on plant material alone; they do not have to consume meat. But always keep in mind that dogs do best and by nature are primarily meat-eaters. Just because by definition they are omnivores (can digest and utilize plant and animal food sources) does not mean that plant material alone makes a good source of nutrition for the dog. Far too many dogs have been undernourished by those cheap grain-based dog foods. And grain-based cat foods are even worse!"

    Source(s): Born and raised in the US On the topic of scavenging, read about the theories about the origin of the domestic dogs, there isn't just one theory, despite popular belief around here.
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    How are we going to do that? The average person knows nothing about picking a breed from a responsible breeder. They don't even know the definition of a responsible breeder. They don't want working breeds for the right reason, the people that do work dogs already know how to properly pick out a dog, train it and care for it. I sincerely doubt the average person doesn't even research enough to know the difference between a working breed and a toy breed. I do demand higher standards gawg knows we try everyday to tell people in here the truth. Culling the dogs is a fantastic idea, but how do you get that through the average person. How many times are we ask if dogs have periods? It is OK for the dog to be outside in an appropriate clean enclosure,which has fresh food, fresh water, has a place to get into from the heat and cold,rain, sleet or whatever and keeping the area poop free and bug free. People with working breeds tend to treat their dogs very well since they depend on them everyday. They are trained, socialized and spend time everyday with their people. I am sure these people consider the weather and make adjustments when needed as far as keeping the dog watered and comfortable. My problem is when someone gets a dog, throws it out back and hopefully checks on it everyday or so. If that is all you want a dog for then you don't need a dang dog, get a friggin yard ornament. Dogs need socialization, they need training and they need time with their people. In the type of weather that we have had this summer, it would be extremely hard to have a dog in the yard and maintain adequate fresh water and a place to get out of the heat. My Rotts have access to the pool a covered porch with a fan and still I can not leave them out in this heat. I would really fear for their life. Intact dogs-- Yes I am a firm believer that most people can not properly have an intact dog. Just read the numerous questions about is my "dog preggo, it only tied once". If you do not agree with spay/neuter then fine but take the responsibility of keeping the dog from breeding. Training collars it always makes me laugh at the thumbs down from people that can't understand why their cute little dog can't be trained in the diamond collar that looks so good. People that cute little collar will not look so cute when the dog is under a car because you can't contol the dog. The problem is the knowledgeable people like the regulars in here do demand more and will not accept sub-standard dogs but how do you convey that to the general public. Just think for all the people that post a question in here there are thousands and thousands more out there that are clueless and don't even bother to ask questions.

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    What i can't understand is that fact that people in any country just gets spoon fed information and then starts preaching on about it being correct.

    You don't need science to tell you what is the natural source of a dogs nutrition...

    You just need to use some common sense and observation.

    Firstly - dogs eat ANYTHING. They are programmed to find nutrients.

    BUT their instincts are programmed to hunt movement, chase, kill - have you ever seen a carrot running past? No.

    So obviously their primary food source is meat.

    If they stumble across a carrot or an egg, they might eat it, but that is as likely as me or you stumbling across a £1 coin on the floor.

    It has happened, but very infrequently - not enough to be considered part of my income, or indeed part of a dogs natural diet.

    However, you have to think about the animals they hunt. They hunt herbivores like rabbits which will have a gut full full of partly digested plant matter.

    When a dog catches a rabbit, for example, they eat bone, meat, organs, fur AND digested plant matter.

    So where does that leave us?

    My personal feelings are unless you are going to give your dog a whole carcass to eat, guts and poo and all, that you are much better just feeding a high quality complete food.

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    Dogs are CARNIVORES. End of discussion. I don't care what your "county" teaches you or not, doesn't make it right.

    Take any anatomy class, or biology class, or chemistry class. That's all that is needed to see they are CARNIVORES.

    Carnivores, Omnivores, and Herbivores all have different systems and different digestive needs. Dogs (and wolves) contain not only the teeth of CARNIVORES (compare a dogs jaw to that of a human or even a bear and you will note a large difference), but they also contain the digestive system and the enzymes of a carnivore. They do not have the proper enzymes to break down grains or cellulose, cellulose which coveres the cell wall of every single cell in every single plant. Because of this, they have an extremely hard time digesting vegetation.

    Now, if you ever have a chance, read "Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation." Chapter 4 especially goes over the biological and anatomical reasons that wolves are CARNIVORES. It is written by Devid Mech, one of the leading wolf researchers on the planet. You may not believe me, but if you deny what he says as fact, then you are very very naive and blind. A website you've probably already read and don't believe, but it quotes several of Mech's passages. Again, to deny what a leading wolf researcher says is naive and idiotic.

    BTW, just because you have an aggressive dog, is no need to blame food. You claim that it had to be the food, because she didn't do it again. I would be more likely to believe that your dog is extremely fearful, and something set her off.

    BTW, I'm American. But that doesn't make me right nor you wrong. In America, they commonly teach that dogs are omnivores as well. However, I have the intelligence to actually RESEARCH my own opinions! Not just believe everything that is shoved down my throat. Maybe that's a cultural difference... Americans can research but Australians can't?

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    Just different opinions. Like with the brands of pet food. Everyone will find something wrong with a certain brand no matter what you do.

    I say feed what is keeping your animal happy and healthy. I trust my vet to say my animals are healthy more than I trust a bunch of people in the internet saying I'm feeding my animals garbage and am going to make them get sick and live for a shorter time.

    If your animal reacts better to one type of food then fed that.

    Personally I've always fed brands I could get at the supermarket, though I have tried the advance and such before, and I've never noticed any difference in my pets health or activity. So why not feed what they are happy and healthy on and fits into your budget?

    I always get rude comments when I talk about pet food since I have these views, but I love my animals, they get regular vet checkups, vaccinations, worming, if I notice anything strange with them I'm straight to the vet.

    Every dog food I've seen has had some kind of plant material in it, so I believe that although dogs need mostly meat they do need some plant stuff.

    I'm from Australia too btw, and everyone I know loves their animals, gets them their vaccinations, checkups etc, but feeds supermarket brand foods, and they are all happy and healthy animals, and the ones that have died, lived a long life.

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    Well, now you made me curious.

    So I went and dug out a can of EVO canned food that I have (which is 95% meat) and looked at the label. It is 9% protein.

    I also have an old can of MIghty Dog, a cheap canned food. The protein content is 8%.

    The Innova kibble I feed (not EVO) is 24 % protein. The cheaper kibbles run between 20-26%. Pedigree is 21%, Diamond Naturals is 26%.

    This tells me that if protein content is the only thing you are concerned about, then there is not much difference between the protein content of the cheap foods, and the foods with less filler. The difference is in the quality of the ingredients.

    (EVO kibble is 52%, so that is obviously an exception).

    It is commonly believed that senior dogs should be on a lower protein content to help their kidneys. When my old dog was alive, after doing some research and finding data that condradicted that, I moved her from a lower protein senior kibble to a higher protein (Innova) senior kibble. She showed a definite improvement, healthwise, and lived to a ripe old age.

    Research is an enlightening thing, dont you think?. :o)

    Source(s): lots o dogs
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    I believe dogs are Carnivores but I have no problems or any ill views on people who view dogs as omnivores. In fact when I fed my dogs a raw diet I included vegetables once a week simply because they like them.

    I do not believe a prey model diet will cause aggression though. That was my families main concern when I fed raw "If you feed them too much meat they will try to eat someone"

    A few of my friends feed a strict prey model diet their treats are meat their meals are meat bones organs the oldest is 15 and has been fed this way since he was old enough to chew and he is the healthiest dog I have ever met in my life.

    I have a dog who doesn't tolerate high protein it causes her to vomit, runny stool and just plain lethargic all the time.

    For now all of my dogs are fed commercial dog food but I buy the closest to the real thing as I can get.

    I believe if something works for your dog who cares what everyone else thinks. My grandmother had a dog who lived 28 years he was here before I was born his diet... whatever was left over after everyone ate and I mean everything from the bones, vegetables, lard (my grandmother used it until the day she died), fruit, cake, etc. etc. etc. it worked for him he never had health issues but if I were to put my dogs on that diet I can almost guarantee there would be missing patches of hair, runny eyes, upset stomachs, etc..

  • The food I feed is a mix of meat and vegetables and fruit with no fillers. I have to say, my opinion, dogs are carnivores. I don't see wolves picking berries or digging up carrots. However, dogs have become domesticated and have grown dependent on humans and what humans feed them. I also respect that veterinary and popular opinion is going to vary from country to country just like human cuisine varies from country to country.

    Has your dog been tested for an allergy to certain foods? I've dealt with some severe doggie allergies before and although I have never heard of severe behavior changes...maybe she wasn't feeling great and that is why she acted out? I had a dog that we actually had to feed Kangaroo and sweet potato diet to because he was allergic to most common proteins found in dog foods. He ate your aussie roadkill! :)

    In the end, I say you go with what works for you. You obviously care about your dog. Don't worry about what anyone thinks. You are trying to do right by your dog and thats what really matters. Not omnivore vs carnivore.

    p.s. my carnivore dogs love bananas and carrots!

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    I in Canada and I am here because it is awesome and I was born here :) Haha. I also feed meat, organs and bones. My dogs also like to eat veggies and fruits though so we feed a little of that too.

    We feed raw because my dogs are poop sensitive to all fillers in food, we tried like 8 different kinds to no avail. Also, it's not people from different countries, people on my own block don't believe in what I feed! They can think what they choose though, just as I have.

    I wouldn't instantly blame the food for your dogs behaviour but you know her best so keep an eye on her, it could be another underlying issue. Correlation does not equal causation :)

    Source(s): 2 Sibes in Canada
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    A prey model or RMB raw diet isn't just straight protein though. Yes it's just muscle meat, organs, and bone but that doesn't equal high amounts of protein. Look into it :)

    Also a site I love to quote is made by Australian vets.

    It's not a country thing, it's just what you know. I can accept you POV, but I don't believe it. My research says dogs = carnivores. They don't have the teeth or digestive track to handle vegetation.

    Again, that's just what my research points me to. If I find something that goes against what I've found I'll change myPOV but until then I'll stick with a RMB/prey model raw diet.

    here's a site that tells you how much protien is in raw chicken back, 6g

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