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Help the Yank: What do you think of my Dream Team?

I went fairly heavily on highly thought of draft selections and potential breakout players so I could afford the big guns as well. What are you thoughts about this team?

Defenders: B. Goddard, S. Gilbert, A. Mackie, B. Lake, J. Blake, C. Bolton, A. Rance

Midfielders: D. Swan, L. Montagna, T. Scully, J. Trengrove, D. Martin, A. Morabito

Rucks: D. Cox, M. Seaby

Forwards: N. Riewoldt, J. Akermanis, B. Fevola, B. Hall, C. Yarran, J. Neagle, A. Wonaeamirri

Reserves: M. Drum, P. Davis, L. Shuey, R. Bastinac, M. Leuenberger, T. Vickery, G. Rohan, S. Gumbleton

Yikes, I didn't realize until I was writing this question just how iffy my midfield really is.

On a related note, what do you suppose are the chances of Fev and Hall staying out of trouble long enough to play the occasional game of footy?

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    I normally don't answer these dream team questions, but seeing as you're American I guess I can help you out.

    Backline: Great. Goddard will score 80-100 most weeks, so he's definitely a good choice. Gilbert, Mackie, Bolton are all good choice, and Lake also scores high a lot of the time (although he's not as consistent as Goddard). Rance and Blake are alright as well.

    Midfield: Might struggle. Swan will score in the 100s often so there's no doubt about him. Montagna is definitely an important one too. You've gone with some youngsters obviously with Scully and Trengrove, but they were high draft picks so hopefully they'll perform well. Dunno about Martin and Morabito though.

    Rucks: Pretty good. Cox is a must-have, and Seaby's not too bad. That should go well.

    Forwards: Awesome. Reiwoldt has his games where the defense double-teams him, but other than that he scores around the 90 mark or higher. Akermanis is an oldie but a goody, Fevola hasn't been looking too great but he scored high last year and it's still only NAB cup, Barry Hall has been on fire for the last 2 rounds. Yarran, Neagle and Wonaeamirri are all above average but they won't touch the 100 mark like the others will.

    Reserves: Not bad. As far as reserves go yours are pretty good. You've got players in there that actually play which is a good start (most of my reserves didn't even play last year). You should rack up a few points in the reserves section, which is always helpful.

    Overall: For a Yank, you've come up with a good team. I'm joking, it's actually pretty good. You've got your stars and some risky picks (youngsters and Hall and Fev) but I reckon it'll pay off. Good luck man.

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