Water heater leak around relief valve?

Around the relief valve there is water leaking it is not the valve it's self or the threads it's around the out side of it. The valve is on top of the heater


Thanks for the reply but it is seated properly it's around the heater hole were the relief valve sits

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  • bob f
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    1 decade ago
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    If you are sure the valve is ok, it could very well be just condensate. Other than that, the tank itself could be leaking internally and this is the shortest point for it to show up. If this is the case then there should be water in the floor as well. I would replace the valve first as there could be a small crack in the valve body that only shows up under pressure.

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  • buvens
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    4 years ago

    close off the chilly water grant to the water heater and additionally close the gas grant or the heater administration. Drain the water heater (this might drain all your homestead warm water besides). Open a warm water sink valve to enable air enter. Drain the water till the water is below the threads. decrease or unsolder the joints mandatory to get rid of the threaded setting up. get rid of the setting up, and positioned across it to a community plumbing grant homestead and get a clean one. set up the hot one with teflon tape. close the sink warm valve. Open the chilly water grant valve on the water heater slowly. verify for any leaks. If its leaking, initiate over. If not resolder the copper joints jointly, and be confident to purge the air by way of your sink back. or in basic terms call a plumber or an HVAC business company.

  • 1 decade ago

    Is the valve open? If not - I would open it - the pressure of the tank is forcing water out around the valve - by opening the valve you will relieve some of the pressure. Also - turn off the power and call a plumber in the morning- your hot water tank can blow up - not good.

  • krn001
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    1 decade ago


    Unless the valve released & isn't seating properly then you're better off to just replace it, maybe it's stuck & thats where pressure is being released?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sonds like the water heater itself is leaking. As the heater has an insulated jacket around it it is probably the easiest place for the water to escape. call a plumber. It is easyenough to test it to see if it is leaking.

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