Is it dangerous to fish on a kayak?

if i catch big fish can they move the kayak or tip it over. is it ok to do this i can swim.

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    There is a whole sub-culture of fishermen that fish from kayaks. I fish from my kayak all the time. We also have a few other members in our Canoe/Kayak Club that fish with us from their Kayaks.

    The small stature of a kayak makes it a perfect vessel to fish for trout in some of the smaller lakes of Utah! We fish for big stripers on the Colorado River too.

    I even saw a show on tv where some crazy bastard was catching humongous Sturgeon from a kayak and was being pulled miles up and down the river. There are some GREAT fishermen in Southern California catching huge Sharks, Yellowtail, Dorado, and even Marlin from Kayaks. IN THE OCEAN!

    Here are a few magazines that cover tips, techniques, and gear for kayak anglers:

    Canoe and Kayak Magazine (my fave)

    Kayak Angler Magazine

    Kayak Fisherman Magazine

    Wavelength Magazine (Online Only) has a bunch of items that are great for anglers who fish from their kayaks.

    Heck, even Columbia Sportswear has a line of clothing for kayak anglers.

    Just be sure to wear your flotation device and be safe, the angling part is the fun part.



  • Josh
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    Nah, people use kayaks for fishing all of the time. Sure, a big fish will be able to pull a kayak around being that most are very very light. It's very unlikely a fish alone will tip it over, it'd be the person in the kayak making a dumb move which could cause it to flip but still not likely to happen. Just use common sense. But hey, if it happens it happens, not the end of the world. It's always smart to have life jackets and what not near by, better safe than sorry.

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    Dagger Blast Kayak

  • Anonymous
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    No, it is not dangerous to fish on a kayak--assuming that you are a skilled kayaker and angler.

    A sizable catch could drag your kayak around, but I doubt it will tip you over.

    Being dragged around will only tire your big fish and make it more docile.

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  • mumme
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    4 years ago

    right here in Texas and in many different states there are various fisherman who fish from kayaks and a outstanding type of who fish for great sharks bull sharks, black tip sharks some as much as eight'. I fish especially for Bass, yet I too fish for Reds and Trout. Do a seek there are various fishing web pages

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    are we talking a Dagger Blast or a playak? it depends on the kayak...

    with proper kayaking skill you should still be ok.

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    As long as you don't drop anchor in Sea World you should be just fine. Break a jaw !

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