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Akemi asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 10 years ago

Rate or comment on these baby names please!?

Yeah so I'm pretty bored right now so rate (1-10 ten being the best) or just comment on these baby names that i like or wonder if people actally like...

1. Haley (prounced like Halle Berry)

2. Roxanne

3. Eva

4. Tasha (Not nickname for Natasha just plain Tasha)

5. Jade

6. Gracie

7. Marissa

8. April

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  • 10 years ago
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    Haley is the second most common spelling of Hayley(Hailey)

    If you want people to say Hallie, I would use a spell it different

    Haley is in the top 100 girls name with Hailey for the name Hayley

    Roxanne is cute

    Eva is pretty

    I like Tasha, it works by itself

    Jade, my least favorite on your list

    All the girl I know that go by Gracie are name GRace

    When the child is an adult, they could out grow Gracie

    What sound better: Dr Grace last or Dr Gracie Last?

    Marissa is very pretty, I like the name

    April is okay, my second least favorite on your list

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    10 years ago

    1. Haley (prounced like Halle Berry) -this poor girl will go through life constantly correcting the way people pronounce her name - NOT A GOOD IDEA

    2. Roxanne - it ROX! LOL - seriously, it's the best one on this list

    3. Eva - my college roommate's name -very nice

    4. Tasha (Not nickname for Natasha just plain Tasha) -nicknames should NEVER be what is on a birth certificate

    5. Jade - I knew a girl named Jade, she was pretty cool, so I guess the name's ok

    6. Gracie -nicknames should NEVER be what is on a birth certificate, I can't imagine a middle-aged successful career woman going by Gracie, Grace is much nicer

    7. Marissa - it's a pretty nice name

    8. April - the only April I have ever known was very mean to me through school, so I cannot like this name

  • 10 years ago

    1. Haley- 6/10

    2. Roxanne- 5/10

    3. Eva- 4/10

    4. Tasha- 7/10

    5. Jade- 8/10

    6. Gracie- too much of a nick name 5/10

    7. Marissa- 5/10

    8. April- 6/10

  • 10 years ago

    1. Haley - 5/10

    2. Roxanne - 5/10

    3. Eva - 4/10

    4. Tasha - 7/10

    5. Jade - 5/10 (I like it more as a middle name)

    6. Gracie - 3/10

    7. Marissa - 8/10

    8. April - 4/10

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  • 10 years ago

    1. Haley - 5 if you really want people to call a baby Halle you should probably spell it that way or she'll be called Hay-lee forever

    2. Roxanne- 4 i'm not a fan but its not horrible

    3. Eva- 9 love this name its simple and classic

    4. Tasha- 3 i don't like it

    5. Jade-5 its ok

    6. Gracie- 5 again its ok

    7. Marissa- 1 hate it

    8. April- 4 not my taste

  • 10 years ago

    The best names of that list is Eva and Grace but not really Gracie. I like the name Haley but it would be really annoying to have to correct someone everytime they called you Haley and not Halle. Halle is an unusual name though other than Halle Berry Ive never known one, that would make a cute name!

    Jade, Tasha, Roxanne are all names I dont think sound very classy, thats just my opinion!

  • V.
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    10 years ago

    1. Haley is a pretty name. 7/10

    2. Roxanne is very cute and edgy. It's also unique. 10/10

    3. Eva is nice. 8/10

    4. Tasha is okay. It's cute. 6/10

    5. Jade is pretty. The only reason I'm not crazy about it is because I know someone named Jade and she's not a very nice person. I guess she kind of ruined the name for me. 8/10

    6. Gracie okay but it kind of sounds like a dog's name. 6/10

    7. Marissa is pretty. 8/10

    8. April is adorable. 9/10

    good luck!


  • 1. Haley: It's okay. Not really my style, but it's still pretty. 7/10

    2. Roxanne: Never liked this name. 5/10

    3. Eva: Very cute! 10/10

    4. Tasha: Not a huge fan of this name. 7/10

    5. Jade: Meh, it's alright. 8/10

    6. Gracie: Soooo adorable. I love it! 10/10

    7. Marissa: I'm not too crazy about this name. 6/10

    8. April: Very pretty. 9/10

    Answer mine, please?


  • 4 years ago

    Elaina Marie 9/10 traditional name Hannah Celice 9/10 traditional name Abigail Jade 5/10-I like Abigail but Jade ruins it for me. One of the definitions of jade is a crabby woman. Jane Elisabetta 10/10 beautiful! Ayleigh Faith (pronounced like Eye-lee) 0/10 'leigh' names have been flogged to death lately. Veronica Alice 7/10 I like Alice, I'm so-so with Veronica Stephanie Nicole 2/10 never liked either name, and all the Nicoles I've known have been sluts. Annalise Skye 7/10 Annalise is excellent, Skye is ok. Boys: Thomas Franklin 10/10 like this a lot. masculine. Kayden Glenn 0/10 despise, loathe, and detest Kayden. Wyatt Dexter 3/10 kind of a weenie name Zachary Alexander 2/10 not a fan of Zachary Andrew James 10/10 another excellent combo Hayden Gavin 1/10 not a fan of Hayden Jack Justin 7/10 I like Jack, not so much Justin.

  • ?
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    10 years ago

    Haley- 8/10 I like this name, but if you want it prounounced correctly, change the spelling to Halle.

    Roxanne, 9/10 one of my favorite names. But I like the spelling Roxxane. I think the 2 X's look awesome.

    Eva.8/10 Loveee it.

    Tasha- 2/10Please, no.

    Jade- 7/10it's a cool name.

    Gracie- 7/10My name is Grace. Sometimes people call me Gracie, I don't like it that much.

    Marissa- 5/10 ehhh.

    April- 9/10 I love it.

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