What is Dual Citizenship?

I have looked up what dual citizenship is but it's way to complicated to understand, and i was wondering what it all means? but i remember my parents always told me never give up your citizenship because i would someday would love to go and live in Europe but i don't want to lose my citizenship where i live now.

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    Dual citizenship means that a person is a citizen of two countries - they may have acquired citizenship of one country through birth and citizenship of another country through a parent or naturalisation.

    For instance a child born in America to an Irish born mother is automatically an American citizen through birth on US soil but the child is also entitled to claim Irish citizenship because Irish law allows the children (or grandchildren) of citizens born in Ireland to claim citizenship. The child can take up citizenship of both countries because Ireland allows dual citizenship, there's a grey area about the US' position but there's a consensus that the authorities just ignore the second citizenship.

    In some cases a person may become a citizen through the naturalisation process, it can take several years of living & working in a country to do this and not all EU countries allow dual citzienship. If you're not entitled to citizenship by descent through a parent then you need to choose carefully which country you decide to live & work in to become a citizen, Germany for instance doesn't allow dual citizenship for naturalised citizens so you would be expected to renounce your American citizenship in order to take up German citizenship.

    Once you have renounced American citizenship, it can't be reversed & if you decided you no longer wished to live in the European country of your choice then you would have to go through the process of applying for a visa to live in the US.

    If you want to live in Europe, if you're not entitled to a passport from an EU member state by descent through a parent, you will need a visa so you'll have to pick a country & find out what their laws are in relation to immigrating there - all EU countries manage their own immigration affairs, there is no centralised agency to apply for a visa to live & work in the EU.

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    Dual citizenship is the ability to legally carry or procure legal documents, live, work, etc.. in two separate countries. It means that you can live and work in both countries without obtaining visas. You can also hold valid passports, drivers liscense etc.. of both countries. Also, you become subject to the laws of each country while in them, meaning you wont be extradited to your home country. Some countries may allow you to keep your originalcitizenship, and obtain citizenship in another country. This is especially true if you have relatives from that country. They can ask you to relinquish your previous citizenship to gain your new one. So what your mom means is dont give up your old one if you move to another country for a while, because you will have to reapply in your original home country.

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    For instance: Mexican-Americans- the most important and largest group in USA

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